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Sep 13, 2009 09:03 AM

Looking for Lyle's Golden Syrup

I think this basically explains itself. I am looking to make a treacle tart, but of course this can't be sans treacle. I have called up a few places in the Boston area but in truth I have no idea where I would find it to do this effectively. Any suggestions? Also, if it is in fact impossible to find it in Boston, advice would be appreciated about ordering it online. Thanks.

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  1. Check the UK goods in any Star/Shaw's or Stop & Shop. Russo's in Watertown also always has it, though it can be tricky to find (it's currently on the shelves under fruit displays, at the very front of the store facing the cashiers, near chocolate bars.)

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      Specifically, it is on the lowest shelf under the peaches facing the express lane, as of this afternoon.

      If you have any other reason to go to Russo's, it's worth buying your Lyle's there, as it's consistently cheaper there than I've seen it anywhere else.

    2. I usually buy Lyle's at either Stop & Shop or Shaw's. It used to be in the international aisle with British foods, but have seen it lately in the sugar aisle near honey. The plastic bottles are all I buy now, but if you search some places still carry cans of golden syrup.

      1. Last time I got it, I got it at Roche Bros. I think it was near the molasses on the regular grocery shelves.

        1. Yes, Shaw's in Porter Square. Also British Delights on Power Road in Weston.

          1. shaw's has an around-the-world aisle (or some such nonsense name) and have seen lyle's there, even at my eastie location.