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Sep 13, 2009 08:46 AM

Can I dress my blue cheese wedge in advance?

Want to get as many things completed before guests arrive. Can this be one of them? Very simple wedge of iceberg, blue cheese, dressing and chopped tomatoes.

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  1. how far in advance? the whole thing about a wedge is the crisp texture and the cold temp. you can assemble all the components but dress just before serving. that will only take a few moments.

    a nice touch would be individual wedges. don't know if that's what you meant anyway.

    p.s. where's the bacon? ;)

    1. we're having wedges tonight and i'll leave the undressed greens in the fridge until the steaks come off the grill.

      1. I love this salad. Is your dressing the cream style of vnagrette?
        After many years of dinner parties, I've streamlined serving some courses.
        I'll use a large rectangular platter and line up the wedges, then dress the dressing, small tomato cubes, and a sprinkling of chives right before bringing it to the table. I like to place small little bowls or pitchers near guests if they want extra dressing.
        Everyone loves this salad especially served ice cold crisp.

        Then we serve each guests either by passing or someone will serve.

        1. No way. The dressing will penetrate. You want cold pristine lettuce n tomatoes served up. Not lettuce that has been getting pickled for a few hours.