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Sep 13, 2009 08:41 AM

Portland Chinatown

I have searched the board but most posts were old. Any recommendations for Dim Sum in Chinatown? One post from 1999 suggested Fong Chong. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I wouldn't bother with any Chinese food in "Chinatown".
    Ping is worthwhile, but it falls under "Pan-Asian".
    Only decent dim sum is Wong's King, which is far from there.

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      Overall, Chinatown ain't happenin' any more, but Good Taste Noodle House, down the street, south, from the truly awful Ping, has decent Chinese BBQ and delicious soups featuring plump, juicy house-made wontons. Ping is mediocre, stupidly overpriced and a poser-trap. Sorry, but it just isn't as good as all the hype...the lamb skewers I had were beyond mediocre, they were bad, nasty tasting lamb, and I'm a lamb and goat lover. I will never go back. My usually very tolerant and accepting dining companion felt the same way.

      Wong's King has ok dim sum, but the wait on weekends is not worth what you get. For Portland, I guess it's above average. Wing Wa BBQ King on 82nd has a small (only 30-40 items!) dim sum menu every day, no carts, but the selections are cooked to order. And NO wait. And their BBQ is usually exemplary. Mostly Asian clientele and I've seen a whole roasted pig sitting in the dining room ready for take out on my last two visits. Doubt Ping does that!

      If you want the cart experience, Wong's King is probably the best option, go early on weekends....or take a thick book!

      1. re: sambamaster

        I agree for the most part with Sam's observations. Good Taste is pretty good. Their product is very similar to Japanese Ramen but slightly less delicate. Great value and certainly good food, but if you want a similar product with much more subtlety and complexity, go to Biwa and order the Ramen there. Yes, that's Japanese, not Chinese, but it is a comparable dish and done better, though more expensively than at Good Taste.

        I do like Fong Chong's though. Their set menu tends to be boring American Chinese, but the dim sum is always a treat. It's very inexpensive, and the quality is generally good or better. Yes, there are many things that seem to be the same, and yes there are not always some of the more exotic choices -- I haven't seen chicken feet there in years -- but I have never had cause to complain.

        As for Ping.... well... I've only been once, so I don't feel I can make a definitive pronouncement, but frankly I didn't find much there to make me want to return. It does very much feel like a poser place. I feel bad about that. I really want Chinatown to recover and become something worthwhile. Ping, however, doesn't really do anything for me, alas.

    2. The better Chinese options in town are out east. Wong's King does good dim sum. Ocean City does dim sum, and although I have not had dim sum there, the dinner I had there was very good. I think it might be worth a try.

      1. I usually end up at Wong's King when my mom's visiting PDX, but I have a soft spot for Legin. The last time I was there, a guy actually rolled a hotel luggage cart past me, laden with hanging ducks and an entire roast pig. Either way, I'd head to SE 82nd, etc., for dim sum.

        1. I think you should try dim sum at either/both Fong Chong and/or House of Louie (both located in Chinatown) and see for yourself. I've eaten regularly at those places and at Wongs King, and they are all pretty comparable. The same opinions get recycled on Chowhound - often without verification within the past few years. I've been to all three dim sum places within the past few months, and the Chinatown locations are very good and very popular as well. Try for yourself and report back!

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            ok...thanks to everyone who posted