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Sep 13, 2009 08:00 AM

Lobster Shack Branford, CT

Good golly does this place deserve a thread of their own. Thanks yet again to ChefStu(he's still the man!) for mentioning this on the 'Lobster Roll in Coastal CT' thread. Having been to the Lobster Landing in Clinton for the first time earlier this season I was anxious to compare and I have to say I've found yet another new favorite instead.

To start, I find the bread itself to be much better than all the others in the area. Yeah, I know that isn't the focus but a tastefully done and properly toasted roll can only enhance what it holds(their's is a bit different than the usual suspects found elsewhere). The lobster meat itself comes in more generous chunks and has just the right amount of butter and a touch of lemon. In all, their lobster roll just tastes fresher and is VERY enjoyable.

To seal the deal the Shack also serves grilled local clams which are just wonderful on their own(they do top them with a bit of butter) but there is also a hot sauce and a pepper-infused vinegar for adding a touch of "something-something" yourself if you so choose. Sausage with peppers & onions, chowder, and dogs are offered too but who knows how good those are(found it hard to deviate once we got wowed by their rolls and clams). This is where I'll now enjoy the "cockroach of the sea".

BYOB is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Really nice post! I'd like to get there with my mom. Lobster Landing became her favorite after years of Lenny & Joe's (which she still loves, but now favors LL). We'll have to get there very soon to check it out. Appreciate the link to The Advocate, too. Come to think of it, today would sure be a gorgeous day to go...hmmmmm....

    1. I wouldn't let it stop me for an instant, but the prices are not any cheaper than many sit-down places. I got a good lobster roll at the Pilot Pen (talk about upcharging for walk-up food), for $13.50.

      1. Hey guys,
        Flat out this is just a great place to chow! No CH'er or Roadfoodie would be disappointed. Price is average or slightly cheaper, eating dockside is great, grilled clams are delish, so's the sausage and peppers, but the lobster roll is outstanding.
        End of story.

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          I tried finding this place the friday before Labor Day but my GPS could not find Maple St. I'll have to go the old fashioned way the next time with written directions.

          1. re: javaandjazz

            95 North from New haven and get off at exit 54, Cedar St. take a right and go 1 block to Rt. 1. Go across Rt.1 and follow the road, bearing right to the end which is Main St. Go right onto Main and go to the first light and make a left. Travel thru a stop sign to the first traffic light (The train station will be on your right) and make another left. Follow that road to a sharp right in the road, small RR underpass on the left, Wire and Rope Co in front of you. There's a driveway entrance on that right hand bend with a sign I think Branford River Lobster.

        2. The original comment has been removed