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Sep 13, 2009 07:38 AM

Dinner Tonight in Annecy

It's probably be too late for this post, but I'll go for it just the same. We're just outside Annecy and we'd like to have dinner in town tonight. Can anyone rustle up a recommendation for us? Thanks!

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  1. Just did a search and found a website for a restaurant in Annecy-le-Vieux - le Clos des Sens - which seems quite upscale (70-100 Euros per person), if that's what you want. Annecy-le-Vieux is just north of the city of Annecy. site is

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      That's a bit beyond my budget for tonight. Thanks anyway. I think we'll just walk around Annecy-le-Vieux and choose a place at random.

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        We dined a few years ago at "Auberge de Savoie" -- . It's a beautiful location, right by the river in the old town. We enjoyed it.

        By the way, about 25 minutes driving, on the other side of the lake (in Menthon-St.-Bernard), we enjoyed a nice dinner at the simple and stylish "Le Poupeton." We also had a pretty good dinner at "Hotel Restaurant La Villa des Fleurs," in Talloires.

        Bon Chance!

        Jake Dear

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          BONNE CHANCE is the correct spelling.

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            Thanks, CJT. I learn (or remember) something every day.


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            By sheer coincidence, we ended up dining at La Villa des Fleurs in Talloirs that night. We were staying in Talloires and decided to check out the local menus rather than head into Annecy. Dinner was quite nice. We chose the 32E menu, and all of our selections were creatively prepared and nicely presented. We both chose the fresh, local fish for our entree and enjoyed the simplicity of the preparation as well as the fresh veggies that accompanied it.

            As we were leaving Annecy on Monday, we stopped at Cozna Vera, hoping to pick up some picnic-type foods for our trip, but we were disappointed to find it closed.

            It would have been nice if I'd been able to find more written about Annecy on CH, but, all things considered, we ate pretty well there. And what a beautiful area! We knew nothing about the town, the lake, or the charming towns that dot the lakeside before we arrived there. It was, for us, a serendipitous find, and a wonderful place to end our trip.

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              You pretty much answered your own question -- Annecy is not on the normal travel itinerary. It is truly a lovely area (we've stayed in Duingt nearby on 2 occasions and enjoyed our visits to the Annecy downtown area). but not many people go there. It is quite pleasant to spend a few days at the lakeside and enjoy the scenery. We feel the same way about the Lago Maggiore in Italy (Stresa and Baveno areas) and highly recommend that place as well. Wish we could have offered more info on restos in Annecy, but it is a while since we've been there. glad you found a restaurant in Talloires which appealed to you.

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                FWIW, it is Madeleine Kamman's home town.

          3. re: CJT

            Been - there, it has one michelin star. Honestly I found the food good but not as good as other restaurants which were comparable in both price and rating.

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              I know I'm too late, but Clos des Sens really rocks, in my opinion. If you're a fan of subtle great food, ingredient-oriented, chef Renault is an important guy.

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                Kindly let us know where you dined! It's sad that there are so few actual reports of dinner experiences here on CH\, in addition to the usual questions and recommendations. Dining reports would be quite interesting and informative...

            2. Too late but for the record both the Clos des Sens and l'Atelier Gourmand are good.

              John Talbott