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Sep 13, 2009 03:26 AM

A really great olive oil - today's Observer Food Mag

The Food Magazine runs a storys about how Palestinian farmers are managing, in spite of all the well known difficulties, to export their products to places like the UK.

The major product is Zaytoun olive oil and I've been buying it for some years, from specialist shops. It is, simply, the best I have come across. Not "cooking" oil - but one to keep for dressings or just to dip bread. Fab.

For local distributors:

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  1. it is lovely oil, i'd agree. btw, here's a post from earlier this morning:

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      1. re: howler

        I'm also a fan of Zeytoun olive oil, pick mine up from an excellent Mediterranean/Middle Eastern foodhall in Kentish Town called Phoenicia.

        And actually I'm a fan of the olive oil from the electrical store in Clerkenwell but point taken that it's comedic to assert that this is the best place on the planet to buy olive oil. Reminds me of those absurd "top 50 global restaurant" lists that periodically get published, the ones that would have us believe that Hakkasan offers the best Chinese food in the world. Mmmm, I suspect that a few folks in HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu et al might disagree with that contention ever so slightly!

        It's unfortunate but there's an increasing amount of lazy and garbage journalism out there these days.

        1. re: oonth

          HI oonth - where is the electrical store in Clerkenwell? Would like to try the olive oil....

          1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

            Turkish Embassy Electrical Supplies
            76 Compton Street
            London, EC1

            020 7251 4721

            it says in this here OFM.

            It's just off St John Street, the bit north of the Clerkenwell Road.

            1. re: Gav

              thanks Gav - that's round the corner from me!

      2. Hi Harters,
        I REALLY need to get a hold of that Food Magazine article about Palestinian farmers, would you happen know what issues exactly that was?
        I've looked through the 2009 issues here
        but I'm not sure exactly which issue has it.

        Please let me know as soon as you can.

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        1. re: OILIVEOIL

          it was in the observer food monthly, not

        2. By the by, Zaytoun has become impossible to obtain over the last 12 months or so. According to two local retailers, the farmers are currently prevented, by the occupation forces, from exporting it.

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          1. re: Harters

            This website says it is in stock. Perhaps the site is not accurate? Zaytoun is listed as a Fairtrade olive oil. It would be extremely nasty for the occupiers to prevent such a product from being available.


            1. re: Harters

              There was plenty of it in Phoenicia on Saturday. Though I chose the Lebanese oil that I like a bit better, earthier.

              1. re: Harters

                I'm pretty sure I saw it in Whole Foods on High St Ken! I could be wrong, though, as I wasn't specifically looking for that brand.

                1. re: astereilla

                  The same co-op also makes zaatar (wild thyme, sesame, sumac, salt). Torn-up pitta or naan bread, sprinkled with olive oil and lots of zaatar and crisped in the oven makes a really nice alternative to crisps.