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Sep 12, 2009 11:12 PM

Restaurant for birthday celebration?

I need help! My family will be getting together in Toronto in early October to celebrate a few milestone birthdays, and I'm trying to figure out where to go for dinner on a Saturday night - we're looking for someplace with good food, but our group of 14 will also include a one-year old and a four-year-old (well-behaved, but still...) We don't need a private room or anything like that, and price isn't an issue, just looking for someplace milestone-worthy, but where we could still bring the kids. I can think of quite a few places that fit the bill in Montreal, but I'm at a loss for Toronto, as I don't live there. It can be anywhere in the city, as we'll all have cars. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. - Le Select is quite family friendly and the food is good... although coming from Montreal Toronto's rendition of French bistro might not quite be up to snuff (www.leselectbistro.com).

    - Although I know you said that you don't need a private room Nota Bene has some private space that might suit you. I've never actually sat in the private space, but when you walk in it doesn't feel totally sequestered. (www.notabenerestaurat.com


    - I've seen Globe bistro set up some semi-private space on their mezzanine which still feels like part of the action but would give you some room - I'm not sure it could accommodate 14, but they may have a solution (www.globebistro.com


    - Grano is pretty family friendly but might be too casual (www.grano.ca



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    1. If the Saturday you're looking at happens to be October 3rd, you may wish to plan your dinner around a Nuit Blanche event. You'll note some places are staying open late that night as well. Here's the route information:

      1. I suggest Marinella on College. Great space since they moved from the theatre district - amazing italian food, all family owned and operated (Marinella is in the kitchen with her 2 sons). It will easily accomodate your family with children.