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Sep 12, 2009 10:41 PM

I need Help Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

I live in Seattle and need to plan a rehearsal dinner for 60-70 people for my son. I have never been to Boston so I am not familar with the area. They live in Back Bay and would like the dinner in the Boston area. The guests are staying at the Boston Long Wharf so anywhere around there would be good. I would like to spend 60-70 per person and it will be held on a Friday. We could have our dinner at 5 or 6 if that would make it easier to get in "someplace" Any suggestions? My son is getting married in January so I need to get going.

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  1. do you want a restaurant or hotel? do you have a cuisine preference? do you want walking distance from the hotel? where is the wedding? special dietary concerns for any guests?

    you're easy distance from the north end, chinatown and some places on the water.

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      I really don't care if it is at a restaurant or a hotel. The bride does not want a chain restaurant. The wedding is in back bay (?) No restrictions on meals for any of the guests. I am a little concerned that it will be cold in January so walking too far may be a problem.

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        What about Miel at the Intercontinental? I'm not sure on price or room size but I have had a wonderful dinner there and it would be a good location to your hotel.

    2. Sel de la Terre and a Legal Seafoods are right next to your hotel, both might be able to meet your needs.

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        Sel del la Terre only has a room for 25 people with an additional table for 12. Would a hotel be within my budget?

      2. I'd have a look at Les Zygomates -- it's down Atlantic Ave a bit (and a block or two in) but not too far, and they can definitely handle a group, and well. It's an excellent and fun spot all around.

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        1. re: ebaba

          I'd second Les Zygomates...great food and fun atmosphere. They can surely accomodate groups of various sizes too.

        2. You might want to take a look at Locke-Ober. This is a real Boston classic which was taken over by local celeb chef Lydia Shire. JFK and others used to dine there. She spruced up the menu, but kept the classics and restored the beautiful rooms. They can handle a group your size. It is not right near the hotel, but not too far. Guests could share cabs for a short ride. It might be a somewhat more than your budget, but I would talk to them, they might be looking for business in the dead of the winter after the holidays.

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            Anyone tried SkipJacks? I found a few reviews on this website for that place.

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              quality of product far exceeds execution and the service can be very slapdash.

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                slapdash? I am sorry, I don't understand that one.

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                  harried and not very professional.

                  now i'm confused. do you want the rehearsal dinner convenient to the hotel or the chapel?

                  i agree with the above poster on sel de la terre. they don't have a private space for a group that size, but could accommodate you easily at that price point, it's a pretty space and right next to your hotel.

                  the new england aquarium also is right there and does private events, but i have no idea the pricing.

          2. Where is the wedding to take place in the Back Bay? This may be helpful to provide if you want to find a restaurant close to the wedding rehearsal spot.

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