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Sick in bed comfort food

I had an accident a couple of days ago and I'm stuck in bed until tomorrow atleast! Slo I had a friend pick me up some Indian take away. I was feeling sorry for myself. SO I hobbled over to the freezer and pulled out a chocolate chili cake that I had for emergencies. It made me feel better.

What is your sick in bed comfort food?

This is a picture I did in my restaurant kitchen when I experimenting with the recipe.

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  1. When I'm ill my favorite comfort food is Knorr's chicken noodle soup with a boneless, skinless chicken breast chopped up and added and cooked in, along with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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          I think the picture upload feature had an accident and is broke. Gave me fits a few days ago.
          Hope you get better quickly. I use ice cream for its magical healing powers.

        2. Most of my comfort foods are heavily influenced growing up with my mom's Japanese cooking.

          Miso soup with rice mixed in
          Mochi soup
          Chawanmushi (japanese custard)

          Though when I was laid up in bed recuperating from rotator cuff surgery, I was hooked on eating thin slices of Manchego cheese on slices of lightly toasted baguette. That was a weird one. Lucky my caretaker was nice enough to indulge me on that.

          1. Hot and sour soup, tom yum kai, miso soup, grilled cheese with bacon and tomato, tortilla soup. I travel for work a lot, and end up working really late sometimes, and get stuck with room service, and my go-to is always grilled cheese with bacon and tomato - room service rarely screws this up!!

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              Tom kha gai is the one soup I go to when I have a bad cold or the flu! It works everytime-- makes me feel 200% better!

            2. Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, IMO. I also love lentil soup with crusty bread. And chocolate, of course

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                mashed potatoes - yes yes yes - with butter and good cheddar melted in!

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                  I love them with garlic and lots of salt.

              2. For me nothing is better than chicken flavored Ramen noodles. I cook the noodles, drain off most of the water then sprinkle on the flavor packet. When I have a head cold or am recovering from the flu, that's all that ever sounds good to me.

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                  I do this too! It's very comforting. And easier than opening a can of soup.

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                    My friend's daughter had grown up eating ramen drained, mixed with butter, and sprinkled with just a little of the flavoring. She didn't know until she was 12 that it was actually a noodle soup dish.

                  2. Tonight I hobbled over to my blender and made a chocolate malt...

                    1. Campbell's chicken noodle soup and toast with butter. It's what the nurse fed me when I was sick as a child.

                      However, grilled cheese sandwiches, HD ice cream, macaroni & cheese, scrambled eggs, or bread slathered with butter will do fine.

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                        Completely agree on the grilled cheese sandwiches.

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                          Completely agree with the macaroni cheese. I also eat a lot of instant chicken noodle soup - the type with plain chicken broth and noodles. Something about the sodium makes me feel better.

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                            Try CNS made with all or half milk instead of water. And, whatever the liquid, reduce by half so it's mostly noodles. I list this in my profile. And my husband gets very nervous if we run out. We're leaving for Rio in a few days where we could find three or four Campbelll's soups but never CNS so thanks for the reminder to take a few cans with me.

                            After some surgery about ten years ago, I was feeling SO crappy. Awful cold and the codeine made me feel so bad I opted for the pain. The morning I turned the corner, I still remember that I asked my husband for one very soft scrambled egg, a piece of buttered toast and a half glass of milk. That was SUCH a great meal.

                          2. congee, when I am recovering from a cold or 'flu.
                            Vegemite on whole grain toast, topped with sliced tomato, for when I am feeling low.

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                              Wow, you're so healthy, even when you're feeling low. My "feeling low" foods bear no resemblance to yours, hahaha.

                            2. Buttered toast and hot, lightly sweetened Red Rose Tea. It's what my mom always gave us to eat after we had the stomach flu. It always tasted so good. I still eat it for breakfast or an afternoon snack on occasion. Yes, it is acceptable to dip your toast in your tea. Just watch out for the crumbs in the bottom of your cup for those last two slurps.

                              1. Anything anyone will bring to me.

                                Well, that's a different sort of sick being a boredom and mobilitiy issue.

                                This currently caught my interest since I have the flu (oink, oink, oink).

                                Anyway, I have this really weird flu craving ... had it all my life ... I get cravings for fatty, awful-for-you foods, usually greasy. It may be the salt in it is the attraction. The type of food you would think would upset a queasy stomach rather than sooth it.

                                When I was a kid it was specifically Nardelli's grinders on a big crusty Italian loaf cut in half filled with Italian cold cuts, their special pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce, the bread slathered with mayo and everything else drizzled with olive oil.


                                But I now live 3000 miles and a few decades away from the original Nardelli's on South Main street, a packed to the rafter's deli where Italian was more commonly spoken than English. The original Nardelli's would have never dreamed of serving a chocolate cheesecake burrito as is currently on the menu, despite oddly beling located in the Latino section of town ... mainly Puerto Rican.

                                However ... cheesecake burrito ... that sounds magically delicious right now. But there's no going home.

                                So I had a Whopper with cheese. It made me as happy as I could be under the circumstances.

                                1. For me - it is the wonton soup from one of the Westernized Chinese restuarants close to my house.

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                                    Yes... just like my Grandma used to order for me :) I still crave it when I have a cold or the sniffles.

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                                      Phew Fmed! I feel a lot less guilty now that you have mentioned this. One of the hospitals I work in makes this very westernized wonton soup that I absolutely adore, it really hits this spot when I am tired and blue. It would make most fans of authentic Chinese cuisine completely irate however. I also really love Cantonese chow mein when I am feeling under the weather. And Do du fa! the perfect cold remedy! Creamy soft tofu, warm sweet ginger sauce, perfect when you have a sore throat.

                                      I have been a bit under the weather lately, yet I continue to crave french fries! I love the crispy saltiness.

                                      Of course, matzoh ball soup, chicken soup, chicken based jook (Korean rice porridge), and Chicken stuffed with sticky rice, ginseng and licorice root and cooked into a soup - all classic sick day foods.

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                                        I just had some wonton soup from said restaurant for lunch today, actually. Definitely hit the spot.

                                      2. re: fmed

                                        Definitely the wanton soup. There is something just so comforting about it when you're feeling off...

                                      3. It is late and I was peckish about 10 pm tonight, so I sent a friend out to get me a good burger and some grilled potatoes from Buns. He called back and said that they were out of potatoes. That's the third time this week...

                                        So I sent him over a block to get me some wor wonton soup.

                                        I can abuse him as he is my cousin..LOL

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                                          Depends just how sick I am... but generally, when I have a cold or something like that, my favorite are Amy's brand no-chicken noodle soup (I'm vegetarian), Tom Yum soup from the local Thai takeout place, any Indian take out, as long as it's not too creamy... and, if my mother-in-law is nearby, her recipe for spicy cilantro soup, which I never can remember the directions for... topped off with ginger tea.

                                          I find that spicy food is great for decongesting me, making my throat feel better, etc.

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                                            I'm extraordinarily interested in the spicy cilantro soup, especially since I'm veg, too.

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                                              Why not "tortilla soup" with extra jalapeno and cilantro? I'm assuming you eat fowl.

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                                                  Sorry. You said: My favorite comfort food: Matzah ball soup, of course.
                                                  I guess you can do it with something other than chicken broth.

                                                  1. re: Scargod

                                                    I make it with vegetable stock, white vermouth and a splash of whatever brine I have at the moment. I know it's not traditional, but it's pretty delicious.

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                                              You reminded me, when i had wisdom teeth extracted, was told not to eat spicy, hot foods so the second day we go to a friend's for dinner and all the food is extremely hot and spicy. after 24 hours of bland liquid i was ready for real food and loved the spice. it really soothed the pain. so thats all i ate for the remainder of the time. unusual for me since our normal food varies in the spice level.

                                          2. If I have some in the freezer, porcupine meatballs are always appreciated, as well as lemon-lime gatorade. Mom always made me drink gatorade when I was sick, as the first thing to go is usually my appetite, and being a small gal my mom always worried, so she would make sure I was at least hydrated. specifically I prefer room-temp gatorade and a straw. Failing the meatballs (as I/we almost never have any made up), mom used to serve me turkey noodle soup, from the thanksgiving turkey. When we made turkey, we did it in a roaster oven. so when all the meat was picked off, we just left the carcass and whatever drippings in the pan, added water and seasoning, and let it go overnight. then mom would freeze it for soup for the rest of the year (4-8 people on a 25 lb turkey, so that we were guaranteed enough leftovers for meaty soup). I remember when I would wander to the fridge when feeling sick, and have a moment of glee at seeing the stiff turkey gelatin in the fridge, anticipating mom's soup for that night, served with buttered sourdough bread to dip in the broth.

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                                              sick or sore? it makes a difference. Sick usually means toast, homemade strawberry jam and tea, with a Welch's grape juice chaser. Although the Jewish penicillin runs a close second. Sore: anything covered in chocolate and served up with love (by anyone that I can coerce into servitude). And whatever you do Bigfellow....MILK IT!!

                                            2. Congee or pho! Or hot and sour soup. Or corn and chicken soup. The kind made from a can of creamed corn, chicken broth, pieces of chicken, and an egg dropped in.

                                              1. Sick = soup! Always have homemade chicken, mushroom barley, sweet & sour cabbage and usually beef soup in the freezer along with homemade matzo balls. Always have bags of dried thin egg noodles, rice and other mix-ins as well.

                                                Hot tea with honey & lemon (and sometimes a shot of liquor - bourbon, whiskey, schnapps) does wonders for a sore throat or to open up your chest. Helps you sleep well too.

                                                Toasted bagels with schmear always work well when recuperating from stomach flu. Mac & cheese for when your tummy is up to it.

                                                1. From childhood, I always want what my mother fed me when I was sick: soft boiled eggs, tea with lots of milk and buttered toast.

                                                  The last time I got hit with a bad flu, I wanted my college comfort food: Cheez-Wiz on toasted whole wheat with black currant tea. I found out I no longer appreciate Cheez-Wiz.

                                                  When I was in chemo and couldn't eat much of anything, farina, scrambled eggs, prune juice and miso soup were the best things on earth! I still find these foods very comforting when I am under the weather - and luckily farina and eggs are not too difficult for my culinarily challenged husband.

                                                  1. Ronzoni pastina with a ton of butter and salt.
                                                    Pastina (aka stellini, tiny stars) in fake chicken broth with an egg stirred in a la egg drop soup
                                                    Hot & sour soup (an adult addition, though I eat it a lot when I feel good too)
                                                    An Arby's roast beef sandwich
                                                    Either Lipton or Mrs Grass' so-called chicken noodle soup- oh so salty and delicious and slides down your throat and warms your belly

                                                    Followed by a nap.

                                                    Your choco chili cake sounds good, too!

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                                                      I always got Pastina --- with a little butter and lots of grated parm... gooey and oh so good.

                                                      1. re: Emme

                                                        I used to get pastina with butter & sugar. It's what I ate when in labor. Not exactly sick in bed, but close enough.

                                                      2. re: EWSflash

                                                        Pastina was always on the list of foods my mum and dad made me when sick, always lots of salt and butter.

                                                      3. Depends what's wrong with me I think. Good old chicken soup for flu, eggs/melted cheese for a hangover (I think it's the fat and protien). A nice hot mug of sweet tea also works wonders

                                                        1. Borscht, tacos al pastor or lingua, Italian sausage sandwich w/ peppers & onions or clam/seafood chowder, but not all at the same time. Huevos rancheros too.

                                                          1. Lipton Noodle Soup (not Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup) and, separately, elbow pasta with a bit of salt, grated cheese, and if I am up for it, just a touch of black pepper.

                                                            1. Definately my mom's potato soup.

                                                              1. When I was a kid it was my mom's tomato soup with chunks of fresh pineapple on top. And a grilled chhese sandwhich.
                                                                Six years ago I had my first bout with chicken pox (I was 36!) and was absolutely miserable. I had them everywhere, especially in my throat. I had no appetite and couldn't tolerate anything in my mouth or my throat. In order to get me to eat something my fiance gave me ice cold apple juice. Nothing fancy, just juice from a jar. Now, I hate apple juice but it was Heaven to me. I still don't drink it...unless I'm sick. Then, I crave it.

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                                                                  Kimmer I still crave apple juice when I'm sick - but only then. If I drink it at other times it reminds me of being sick!

                                                                  Usually the only thing I want to eat when I have a cold or feel awful is rice with melted crappy cheddar cheese and hot sauce! Crazy :)

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                                                                    Yeah I would have to say chicken soup as well. My mom would throw in fresh potato, carrots, and other veggies. It was delicious. By the way, Kimmer. Would you recommend trying to get the chicken pox early, or wait it out till it happens?

                                                                  2. My go-to is a big container of matzoh ball soup and a bottle of gatorade. If I have a sore throat, it's Haagen-dazs vanilla bean ice cream.

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                                                                      Ah yes, how could I forget gatorade...lemon-lime!!