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Sep 12, 2009 09:54 PM

brooklyn bowl: is the food really by blue ribbon?

went there tonight and honestly, the best thing about the restaurant is the menu. i mean, the physical menu-- the fonts and graphic design are great. but the food was really disappointing.

fried calamari: more batter than calamari, tepid and hard
wedge salad: so much blue cheese layered between leaves and dressing it was inedible
corn on the cob: ok but nothing special
fish spread: minimal amounts of smoked fish drowning in cream. i prefer these ingredients in inverse proportions
mac and cheese: bland and boring
french bread pizza: the best thing we ate-- it brought back memories of the frozen version we ate as kids.

all in all, the space is great, the bowling is fun, but the food is terrible. i was excited to eat there as i am a big fan of all the other blue ribbon restaurants. but if i were them i'd remove the blue ribbon name from this establishment. it tarnishes a name that's always been synonymous with quality, reliability and success.

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