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Sep 12, 2009 08:49 PM

Palladio & Staunton Grocery?

We'll be staying in Massanutten Resort for a week and will mostly do our own cooking, but want a few special nights out.
We'll be in Staunton one night for Shakespeare and I'm intriqued by the Staunton Grocery. It's gotten a few kind words here but always like to hear the most recent take.
And I can't find very many mentions of Palladio at the Barboursville Vineyards on the board. Was thinking of going there after touring Monticello. It's a pricey place and elsewhere I find highly mixed reviews, but they're also mostly 2-3 years old. Anyone been recently? I don't mind dropping the $$$$ if it's worth it, but if it's not, would rather spend elsewhere.
If you don't recommend one or both of those, where would you go in the Shenandoah Valley &/or Charlottesville?

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  1. Both restaurants are excellent. Palladio is one of our favorites in the area, and makes a nice day trip from Charlottesville or Massanutten...but it's booked this Saturday. I've only been to the Staunton Grocery once but had a superb experience, fresh local food imaginatively prepared, attentive srvice, excellent wine list not overpriced. Staunton is a fun place to wander around.

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      Thanks much! I got reservations at both, will report back

    2. In Harrisonburg, there is a hot dog place called Jess' Quick Lunch that has been around for a long time. We used to go there many years ago while I was at JMU. Good dogs, fries, and hand made burgers. I hear that there are several locations now, but I think it would still be worth eating at the counter in the downtown location just for the atmosphere. I worked in Staunton for six months in 2008. In downtown Staunton, there are quite a few interesting eateries. I never ate at the Staunton Grocery, but I know they had a good article in the Virginia Living magazine. (fine dining; bring your wallet) There is an Italian place I think its called Maria's just outside of downtown that was very good. One place that my wife and I really liked if you are going over to Charlottesville was a micro brewery off of Rt. 250. We got off of I-64 at the top of Afton mountain, and rode down the mountain on Rt. 250 away from Waynesboro. Near the bottom of the mountain you turn right and the micro brewery is on the left. (sorry, don't remember the name of the brewery or route number of the road) Good beer, sandwiches, and an great view of the mountain. I'm sure you can find it with a little research.

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        Glad I checked back, I'll try to hunt down the brewery, thanks!