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Sep 12, 2009 07:20 PM

Dinner & Gelato in Roma


I am visiting Italy for a week with my husband and 4 year old daughter at the end of September.. We are staying one night at the beginning and end of the trip in Rome. Would love to hear about suggestions of family run trattorias and some gelato spots. We are staying near the termini the first night and Piazza Navona the last night.


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  1. As gelato I recommend you three places:
    AL SETTIMO GELO www.alsettimogelo.it the location is in the center, in the area named Prati. The ice-cream maker is a young lady, Lady Mirella and some tastes are excellent and unusual.
    Then, IL GELATO DI SAN CRISPINO www.ilgelatodisancrispino.com and IL MIO GELATO NATURALE www.ilmiogelatonaturale.com .
    About dinner I recommend a restaurant that I discovered few months ago and now I like it very much: IL BOCCONCINO www.ilbocconcino.com


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      Dear Vincenzo,

      Grazie mille for these recommendations. We look forward to trying them out.


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      1. Better than San Crispino -- indeed the Elysium Fields, the El Dorado, the Mecca, the Mount Kailash, the Santiago de Compostela, The Holy Grail -- of ice cream is Giolitti, near the Parliament Bldg, however grumpy the service might be. Quest it. Buy a cone or cup and walk down to the Pantheon.

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          what flavors do you think Giolitti does best?
          we thought San Crispino to be awfully delicious on our last visit to Rome

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              and beyond that? some of us have not developed much of a taste for hazelnut.

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                Fruit flavors, other nuts. Even some flavors which otherwise I don't like. I've always been struck by the excellence of the ice cream, regardless of flavor.

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              I agree, jen kalb! My fave combo @ San Crispino, which was "to die for" was a scoop of whiskey and a scoop of cacao. Out of this world!!