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Sep 12, 2009 07:13 PM

Restaurant Rental for Wedding

Hello! I'm currently planning my wedding, looking for restaurants in the downtown area that have space for around 100 people. I'm looking for great atmosphere, views and most importantly- food. It doesn't have to be super high-end, open to fun and unique locations as well. So far I'm looking at: Flatwater, Quartino, Osteria Via Stato, Park Grill and Fulton's on the River.
Can you think of any restaurants that either have large spaces or would do buy-outs? Right now I'm looking at Saturdays, but there's the possibility of a July 4, 2010 wedding which would be Sunday- so any restaurants that are closed Sundays that would be available for buy-out?
Thank you in advance!

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  1. Not quite downtown, but North Pond ( does buy outs and food is amazing. We looked at them for our wedding and would have loved to have our reception there, but the guest list was too big (150+).

      1. I second Carnivale-- I just went to a Sunday wedding there and it was fantastic!

        1. I work for Tizi Melloul and we do buy outs all of the time. If you wanted to have a sit down meal you would be placed in 2 rooms for your numbers. (Our main dining room sits 80...our Crescent Room seats 25) If you wanted to do a buffet we can really maximize the space and utilize all of the unique areas we offer. Check out our banquet menus here It would definitely be a unique wedding - we also offer belly dancers, tarot readers, and henna tattoo artists. If you ever feel like contacting us you can call our event coordinator Nicole Paul at 7739916340. We'd love to show you the space!