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Sep 12, 2009 06:28 PM

Jody Maroni's at Bay Street in Emeryville

OK, I realize this is a chain, but I remember really liking their sausages in L.A., and this is the first Bay Area location (with another to come soon at the Westfield in downtown SF).

Anyone else on the Jody Maroni bandwagon? And has anyone tried their Wagyu Beef dog?

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  1. Yes..I am a fan!! I used to live in Santa Monica..we use to Jody's sausages at a small stand on the Venice Boardwalk. So happy to hear that he is coming to the Bay Area. Please try ALL flavors, they are good.

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    1. re: energy

      Is it open? The "coming soon" sign has been hanging out front for maybe six months now.

      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

        Appeared to be open when I walked past tonight.

        How do their sausages compare to those at, say, Top Dog?

    2. This is exciting news. Jody Maroni was inventing cutting-edge sausage flavors before Bruce Aidell, and he still mixes better ones. The quality has gone down some since he expanded beyond the Southland, but I'd still head over there for lunch any day of the week. And Chuckles, their telephone answering machine is hooked up at the store, so that's a good sign. I'll try to get there this week and report back.

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      1. re: heidipie

        Ah a little bit of Venice Beach right here in our Emeryville. Let me know when it's open and I'll wriggle into my thong and rollerskate over to there to get one!

        1. re: heidipie

          Bruce Aidells opened Poulet in 1979, the same year that Jordan Monkarsh opened Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom.

          Aidells sold his interest in Aidells Sausage Company in 2002, but they'd taken a turn in the wrong direction some years earlier.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yeah, he opened Poulet, but he wasn't known as Mister Sausage in '79.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Was he partners with Marian Rinzler (sp?)? I thought she was the driving force behind Poulet.

              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                Marilyn Rinzler, right, but he was the sausage guy. The demand for the sausages he made there led to him starting Aidells Sausage Company in 1983, a year before Jordan Monkarsh moved Jody Maroni from a cart to a building.

          2. I went today. It's less a Sausage Kingdom than a Provincial Sausage Outpost. I don't
            have a recent experience of the Venice Beach location but I seem to remember a
            wide variety of sausage options at a reasonable price. Here there are seven pretty
            basic choices and you're not getting away for less then $6.

            Sausage sandwiches are $5.49 plus tax. The menu is here but the prices are
            add a dollar to everything on that menu.

            There's also a couple of hot dog choices ($3.29 for a "smokin dog" up to $6.59
            for a "giant kobe beef hot dog") as well as burgers ($4.99 or $5.49 with cheese).
            Fries are $1.99 small, $2.99 large.

            I got the "hot italian". On an oniony bun with grilled peppers and onions. It was
            ok. Surprisingly unsalty. Not terribly hot. Decent flavor. The sausage is smaller
            than the bun but it's served wrapped so that the sausage is sticking out an inch
            from one end and the other end is wrapped in paper so you don't notice immediately
            how they're tricking you into thinking you got a real big one.

            Comparison to Top Dog: twice as expensive, maybe 10% better because of the
            grilled peppers, maybe 20% worse because of the limited options, one kind of mustard
            in little packages, no self-serve cauldron of sauerkraut, no libertarian screeds tacked
            to every available surface.

            All in all, this is not something that's going to bring me back to the dead mall, but if
            I'm there, I'll probably try another.

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            1. re: uh ... art

              Thanks for the report! I was getting excited, and will probably swing by in the next few weeks instead of immediately :)