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Sep 12, 2009 06:05 PM

AME - Anyone been?

Finally, a 'new' place to add to our never-ending 'sushi' discussion!! Ha!

Any fellow chowhounders tried out the new Japanese restaurant AME own and run by the Rubino's brother of 'Rain' fame? I'm a bit hesitant driving all the way to downtown to try out sushi in a place operated by 'Italians'! If they manage to hire 'real Japanese sushi chef's' , any idea of their credential? Afterall, really good sushi is not just about fish but also the Shari, quality of soya sauce and wasabi used!


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  1. I have a couple of people on the inside this weekend. I'll be sure to report back if I hear anything from them. Forget about going this weekend. It's one of the TIFF event spaces.

    1. From the sound of Gina Mallet's review this weekend, it doesn't seem like they're going the traditional route at all. Fusion-style sushi mixed with robata grill.

      1. I see a section of nigiri sushi and ramen in their menu. Wonder what will be the interpretation and implementation @ Ame ...

        1. As I replied in a previous post -

          It is very odd, as I was just in SF at Ame (same owners as Terra - been around for a few years now) which was absolutely fantastic.

          It sounds as if the Rubino's are trying to do exactly the same thing as the original Ame in SF...I know they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but same type of food AND same name....!?

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          1. re: Sadistick

            Funny, I was thinking the same thing-perhaps a very odd coincidence? Although Ame does mean Rain in Japanese.

            I guess all that matters is if the food is good, but I must admit the same name, oddly similar cuisine thing throws me off a little too.


          2. Surprisingly, I didnt see any real reviews on Chow, but did see a whole bunch of bad reviews on Martiniboys but we decided to give it a shot anyway. I hate writing bad things about a restaurant but I'm going to be completely honest- it was definitely disappointing.
            Our waiter was courteous but we had a few servers bring our plates to our tables quite unsure of what they were serving. One waiter had a hard time remembering the word for "miso". Yikes!
            The maki rolls were creative in flavour, but the rice was on the hard side and not at all like sushi rice. Also the flavour wasnt evenly distributed (ie: some pieces from the same roll were spicy, some werent). The portions in general were also tiny for the price.
            We tried the sea bream on cedar from the robata grill, which was flavourless and mediocre. The worst dish was the "Pork Ribs, Matsu Apple, Soy Caramel". It was literally like a dry pork sausage cut up into four 2 inches pieces at $16. We weren't one bit full or satisfied and really didnt want to order anything else.
            The one redeeming factor is the ambiance and the drinks were gorgeous and unique. I would go for a drink at the bar but I wouldnt order any food with that.

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            1. re: so_lovefood

              Just curious, when did you go? When I went a few weeks ago the servers were very well informed and the sea bream was tasty. The sauce with it was for sure a gentle accent but I before my fish to be the highlight.

              When I was there we has maki (which I thought had too much rice) sea bream, tempura, asparagus salad, the short ribs and dessert. I was there with two to other women, we shared all of the dishes and we left stuffed.

              With drinks, six in total, our food, coffee and tea, tax and tip our bill was only $230 I believe.

              I'm sorry you had such a bad experience and I hope it is not the norm b/c I've recommended it to many of my friend's based on my first time there.