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Sep 12, 2009 05:55 PM

St Louis BBQ search/new to area

I know there have been some posts on this...relocated from IL from an area, believe it or not, that had excellent BBQ options. Of the bbq places I've been here, Pappy's is the best. There are likely some places in South City that I am missing. Could someone who has been to Fat Toney's recently chime in?

Other pleasant discoveries in Webster Groves, Big Sky Cafe, Nadoz for Sunday brunch at the Coronado in Midtown, Pi on Delmar (and coming soon to 2 more locations) is not to be missed. I also really like St. Louis Coffee Oasis in the CWE for a MEAN gyro, and Newstead Tower Public House in The Grove for nice upscale pub food (though a limited menu).

Other suggestions? I know I need to hit Hodak's and Iron Barley. I've been to some of the Mexican places on Cherokee, to Bailey's Chocolate Bar, Square One, and 1111 Mississippi (not as good as the lovely space), as well as Arcelia's. Need to try Sidney Street too. Done Trattoria Marcella and LoRusso's, as well as Kitchen K. Mind you, this is over a period of visits to the area before I moved!

Any must stops in the CWE?


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  1. You have definitely hit some of the highlights of STL. Your question should get you a variety of suggestions as it is pretty open ended.

    In the CWE, I would suggest Terrene, Bar Italia and Herbie's. Terrene has great food and a nice patio if the weather is nice. Bar Italia has arguably the best patio in St. Louis and generally great Italian food, however I stay away from seafood here. If they have bolognese as a special, don't pass it up. Herbie's is a great spot for bistro food. It can be a bit of a scene on the weekends but the kitchen is consistent and awesome. Their soups are always good. My son just had the shrimp and grits and has been talking about it for over a week now. I know that's not bistro food but the sous chef has a New Orleans background.

    I haven't made it to Iron Barley yet, but I did have a great night at Onesto Pizzeria recently. It is in south city on a residential corner. Great to sit outside, eat some pizza and grab a beer. They also support the local farming community.

    Two of the better meals to be had in the area that you didn't mention are Monarch and Niche. Monarch is in Maplewood and has a formal dining room and a wine bar. I like the wine bar much better for the atmosphere and you can order off either menu in the wine bar. Josh Galliano leads the kitchen now and the food has been amazing since his arrival less than a year ago. He was at American Place before. Niche is the restaurant down the street from Sidney Street that is getting all the press. Contemporary food from local purveyors done to perfection. This is probably the toughest reservation in Saint Louis, but well worth the try.

    Many other restaurants in all kinds of different catagories. One of my other favorites lately is Pho Long on Olive just east of 170. A little noodle place with no atmosphere but great pho. Eat in or carry it out. I also like the fallafel at Al Tarboush in the Loop. It's a little market that you can eat in or carry out.

    As for the BBQ, I think it really ends at Pappy's. Super Smokers is pretty good but it is in Eureka. I hear that 17th Street BBQ in O'Fallon, IL is good but I haven't been there. It is an offshoot of Mike Mill's original place in Murphysboro, IL. He has won the Memphis In May contest a few times I believe.

    1. Try an ice cream martini at the Fountain On Locust.

      Franco near the Soulard Market is very nice.

      And, yes, you need to try Iron Barley. Remember that the food is important, not the decor.

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        Yes, been to Niche several times, my fave. Franco too - ok. Went to Tucker's in Soulard, lot of bang for the buck, steaks ok. Fountain on Locust I have been too, thought it kind of pricey food-wise for what one gets, I work 3 morning/week in O'Fallon, Il and have been to 17th Street. I know they are famous for ribs...found the sandwiches good but not great. Greggold, thanks for the CWE ideas...I knew of Terrene but have not been, thanks for the others.