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Found - Kawartha Ice Cream in TO

Just in case anyone was having a craving... McEwen's has Kawartha Ice Cream. Just managed to get a big container of Moose Tracks. Can't wait to crack it open :)

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  1. I get it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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      I have been out of it :) Thank you so much for the tip!

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        Shoppers may not have a wide selection of flavours of the Kawartha product, I don't know because I usually get vanilla, but I bet anything it's way less costly than at mcewan's.

    2. Bruno's in Delisle Court at Yonge and Heath carries it, although I don't know about that specific flavour.

      1. Although the retail ice cream they sell in stores is vastly superior to pretty much anything else you can get out there - I still find it is not nearly as good as what you get when you go to a Kawartha Dairy in person - the store bought home size tubs seem more 'whipped' and 'light' and less dense and creamy as you would get when you get it straight in the cone!

        Either way, when I have the craving, I have been getting it at Pusateri's for a good 12 months now.

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          i go to a mom and pop ice cream shop in markham for kawartha. they carry a decent selection of flavours. i usually stick w a double scoop of the moose tracks though. they are near corner of highway 7 and ninth line.

        2. You can buy Kawartha Moose Tracks at Costco.

          1. We get our fix whenever we visit friends at Fenellon Falls. We go to Slices and Scoops. I can't believe the amount they give you for the price. We've also had very good ice cream at Swims With Loons (they're on the street behind Slices and Scoops - it's a house converted into a store with an ice cream stand outside). I don't believe they're Kawartha Ice Cream, but just as creamy and tasty IMHO (also generous scoops).

            1. That new ice cream place on Parliament next to Jet Fuel sells Kawartha.

              1. Carter's Ice Cream, a little shop just across from East Lynn Park off of Danforth (west of Woodbine) sells Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

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                  Yes, and this coming weekend offers a prime opportunity to enjoy some ice cream at this cute little shop as well as check out the Danforth East Arts Fair across the road in East Lynn Park on Saturday and Sunday (Sept 19-20). Don't forget Melanie's Bistro is also across from the park just down the Danforth a bit.

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                    Hey, JamieK, thanks for the info. Will try to make it.

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                      Ditto here. Didn't know about the Fair.

                      I HEART Melanie's and Carter's Ice Cream.

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                        That's great, you guys! As it's an inaugural event, we want to make it a success so pass the word on. There are other little foodie gems near the park, for instance there are apparently great cannoli at Royal Beef on Saturdays, which I have yet to try.

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                          Good thinking, JamieK!!!! Absolutely everyone should stop in at Royal Beef for a cannoli and a wonderful tri-tip steak to grill on returning home, especially since grilling season is rapidly coming to a close. Small World Café, a little further west on Danforth, on the south side, has some great coffee, too, if anyone needs a perk, hehe.

                2. Fiesta Farms on Christie has it. 7.99 IIRC

                  1. Pape IGA works for me, it's closer than McEwan's and I'm sure it's not the same price.

                    1. Yasi's Place on Wallace Avenue at Campbell Road has it. Also great coffee and brunch with little or no lineups.

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                        I've seen it at Bruno's at the corner of Jane/Annette. I love me some Moose Tracks!