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Sep 12, 2009 04:42 PM

Good Eats in Bedford, MA?

I'm staying in Bedford for a few days and I was looking for restaurant recommendations. Any cuisine or price range is welcome!

I have family in the Andover area, however I'm not really familiar with the food in Bedford or it's's been years since I've been there. Willing to travel as well.

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  1. not sure about Bedford, but if you head into Burlington there are some good restaurants. In the Burlington Marriott there is Summer Winter ( the same people who run Arrows)...a little pricey

    Cafe Escadrille is also a nice restaurant...very pretty...with multiple outlets under one roof....fine dining in one part, with table side service.....and then a slightly more laid back but still excellent ontinental menu in the other


    1. In Bedford, for upscale try Dalyas. Good, relatively inexpensive Italian is Cafe Luigi. For good chinese, The Great Wall. For good cheap pizza try Flatbread Pizza on the Burlington line off Rt 62.
      Lots of optons in Burlington around the Mall from Legal Seafood, Cheesecake Factory, Chilis, Border Cafe (cheap Tex-Mex). Down to road towards Billerica is Naked Fish and Lemon Tree (Thai, very good).
      For upscale really good go to L'Andana in Burlington.

      1. Dalya is nice, food is good. If you want really fantastic awesome Sichuan food in not much of an atmosphere, head overto Billerica to Sichuan Gourmet (search this forum for more posts; it's one of the best around, and you'd never believe it if you just saw the strip mall it's in or knew how lousy the rest of the restaurants in Billerica are). I agree that Flatbread Pizza Co, in an office park on route 62, is really good. It's a tiny chain (like maybe five or so restaurants, got started in VT) that prides itself on organic/natural/local everything. Nice quality results.

        Wish we had more exciting stuff to tell you about around here!

        1. For excellent and creative seafood focused menu drive to Winchester center and try Catch on Church St. It's a small place with a very good wine list, excellent service and comfortable atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.