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Westminster Maryland

Anything great in this area?

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  1. Frankie- very near Westminster in Taneytown is the Antrim 1844.


    1. Thank you but looking for more casual, should have specified in my first post.

      1. Libatore's on Rte 140 (in the Shopping Center with the Shoppers has decent Italian food,
        Maggies at Green St and Rte 32 is also a possibility. There is a small Tuscan restaurant on Main Street across from the old Post office that is pretty good

        1. Thanks, sounds like a pretty bland area.

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            Leave Westminster via I-795 south to Pikesville, and try Mari Luna Latin Grille on Reisterstown Road.

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              Good food, but that's a long ways from Westminter. At least a 10-15 min drive, isn't it?

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                more than 15 minutes with lights on 140. probably closer to a half hour.

          2. thanks for the tip. nearby towns are good too. any asian?

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              Asian - Forbidden City

              Freakin get some Ice Cream on the way home for some Dessert from Hoffmans. It is absolutely some of the best made around and HOMEMADE. I kid you not. http://www.hoffmansicecream.com/

              Oh yea and stop by Baughers too which is literally right down the road from Hoffmans (and Forbidden City as well I should add) and pick up some Apple Cider. Just getting to be the season. It's pretty good and I'd recommend getting a gallon while your mucking around Wesminster... http://www.baughers.com/

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                You can also eat at Baughers: good diner type food with wonderful fresh vegetable sides from their adjacent farm, and good (not great) ice cream too. Prices very reasonable, servers friendly.

            2. the irish place in the middle of town doesn't suck.

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                Forgot to mention..Restaurant at Baughers NOT WORTH going to. It is more like a truck stop along I-95. I mean if that is your kind of thing than hey....but I do recommend popping in their Fruit Stand for the Apple Cider and up the Road for the Hoffmans Ice Cream. And also of course around the corner for Dinner like I said to eat at, Forbidden City for Asian.

              2. I like the crabcakes at Frisco family pub- they pick their own crabmeat for them. They also have crabs a certain day of the week, forget which day.

                I think Harry's does some good sandwiches, nothing mind blowing, but they have nice fresh bread and good salads too.

                The small Italian place downtown (can't remember name now) was a favorite when I was at school there.

                1. Johannsens, a brew pub is OK for beer; food is spotty. If you're going for a drive up that way, Baugher's farm market and Johannsen's for a brew are not a bad way to spend your time.

                  1. I can not possibly recommend enough, "Papa Joes". It is a hole in the wall with maybe 12-13 tables. They serve Mostly authentic Mexican fare, with some standard subs. But the Mexican menu is where it's at. There is only a period of an hour or two in the afternoon that you won't have to wait, because it is so small. But I HIGHLY recommend that you wait. They were just voted Carroll County's best in the local Paper.

                    OH, one more thing. Order whatever the lunch special or Weekend special happens to be. You will not be disappointed.


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                      Maggies off main St. is really good, huge eclectic menu, also Buds at Silver Run, between Westminister and Littlestown, Pa, a short hop from downtown Westminister, is a great restaurant.

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                        +1 on Papa Joe's. Great mexican and worth the wait. Some other casual ideas in the area:
                        O'Lordan's - downtown Irish pub/restaurant with outdoor seating. Good beer selection and food is consistent (in a good way).
                        Paradiso - downtown Italian restaurant, across the lot from papa Joe's. Been there 3-4 times, good food every time, always ordered the specials and not disappointed.
                        Mediterraneo (?) - in the Food Lion shopping center at 140/Englar Road. Shopping center decor but the food is excellent. Limited wine list, though.
                        Harry's - Main Street, downtown. Popular lunch spot, not sure how late they are open. Standard sandwich menu, limited entrees.
                        Full Moon - sports bar/hangout kind of place on 140, just west of 795. Typical bar food with large outdoor patio area.

                        Hope this helps.

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                          BUMP for a thank you. Was stuck in a hotel last week and jumped on here just for a quick glance before we headed to Applebee's or BW3's. Thanks to you we ended up Papa Joe's with just a 25 minute wait.

                          Food was excellent. Two of us split a chile relleno, tamale, steak and chorizo tacos mexican style, and a chipotle shrimp dish. I could have done without cheese on top of the tamale and the tortillas could have been more flavorful but really, I'm just nit picking. It was a great meal. Thanks!