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Sep 12, 2009 04:09 PM

Noodles in Peking sauce, where is it good?

Hi all,

Okay there's a little back story to my question. A few years ago while I was doing a canvas of NYC chinese places, I had a meal at the uppers east side branch of Hunan Balcony (now closed) which inclluded Zar-Jiang Mein (what most NYC resturants called Noodels with Peking meat sauce, or some varion of that) it was the finest version i had ever tasted and when I went back some months later to get it again and discoved that branch had clsoed my grief was unimaginable. ever since then I have been scouring NYC for a place that made a comproable version but have yet to find one. My frustration has been increased by the fact that recenty I made to the Hunany Balcony's UWS branch at Broadway and 98th (whic hhad stayed open) and thier Zar-Jiang Mein was absolutes postivey the WORST version I had ever tasted it was absolutey inedible. Does anyone know of somewhere in Manhattan , where its really good (I'm not quite in a postions to start scouring flushing or Brooklyn yet). Note: The Hunan Balcony version was not a spicy one so I'm not really intersted in spicy versions.

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