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Sep 12, 2009 03:19 PM

Scottsdale Sugar Bowl closing?!?

Say it ain't so! Someone just told me that the Sugar Bowl ice cream parlor on Scottsdale Road is closing!

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    1. re: jock

      That's too bad. Not that I though the food or dessert was anything special, it was a cool "old school" place with some deep roots. Are there any old fashion ice cream parlors in the Phoenix area now?

      1. re: Random987

        I think Mary Coyle is still around but I am not really sure.

        1. re: jock

          Mary Coyle is alive and well on 7th Avenue just north of Missouri in Phoenix.

          Still good ice cream there.

          Mary Coyle Ice Cream & Yogurt
          5521 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

          1. re: jock

            I heard that Mary Coyle was for sale, but even if the sale has gone through, Mary Coyle is still pretty much the same as it has been for decades.

            There's also MacAlpine, on 7th St. between Thomas and McDowell.

            2305 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

      2. That would be sad. It also seems odd. Not that it's packed, but there's always a flow. It's also been there forever. Their rent should be next to nothing, if they didn't already own the place.

        1. I really hope this isn't true. How reliable is your source? I can't find any other mention of this online.

          Incredibly sad that so many Arizona institutions have been closing over the past few months. Sugar Bowl is a place I figured would always be around.

          1. I just called Sugar Bowl and they said it's a false rumor. They're not closing.

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            1. re: razordogg

              That's great to hear, thanks for putting that rumor to rest.

                1. re: blair_houghton

                  The Pony was cool in an old school/memorabilia way, but otherwise the food was not very good. It's tough to run a steakhouse type of place when people don't go there to eat.

                  On the flip side. Sugar Bowl is ice cream. Hard to mess that up. You'd have to try and spend a lot of money there. Even if you had no idea what it was, you could walk by and check it out for a few bucks. I've never not seen people mulling about.