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Sep 12, 2009 03:13 PM

Vanished(?) Phoenix-Scottsdale restaurants

I had assembled a bunch of recommendations from this board, but was finding that even some recent ones appeared to have vanished - or at least don't have viable listings in the telephone book. For starters, I think ones I couldn't find included Lolo's, Taylor's Cafe, and Local Breeze, all mentioned here fairly recently.

Are they around, or what?

And, a reminder - remember, people, that if you misspell a restaurant name here, it makes it less likely that it will turn up in a Chowhound search and less likely that a Hound can find it with a Google search!

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  1. Lolo's -- doing just fine. Recently added a second location in southern Scottsdale

    Local Breeze -- ate there a few weeks ago; still open to the best of my knowledge

    Taylor's Cafe -- never been but haven't heard about it closing.

    By the way, I just tried looking up all three -- exactly as spelled in your post -- in Google Maps and had no problem finding them. Chowhound's own search functionality is pretty clunky. If you want to find mentions of a specifc restaurant on the Chowhound site, I would search via Google:

    <restaurant name> <name of city> site:chow.com

    for example

    "local breeze" phoenix site:chow.com

    1. All three are definitely still around. I'm not sure why you would have any trouble finding information on them with a quick search. Also, all of the above spellings are correct.


      1. But not everyone has 'round-the-clock internet access. Why wouldn't they have current listings in the telephone book?

        Thanks, though.

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          Hmm. I can't really answer that. The telephone company insists on delivering printed phone books to my door, but I pitch them directly into the recycling bin. They seem a quaint 20th Century anachronism. My only guess is that some of these places -- particularly Local Breeze -- are too new to show up in printed phonebooks. In other cases, like LoLo's, it may be a that printed directory is less forgiving of spelling differences than an online directory. I think LoLo's might be listed with a space between the two "los," and maybe Lo Lo's gets alphabetized differently than LoLo's. If you are without Internet access, maybe calling 411 is a better strategy than relying on phonebooks?

          1. re: Fida

            Personally, I've probably looked at a phonebook maybe once in the last year. I might be a little more of a computer geek than than average citizen, but, I haven't been close to the cutting edge in years.

          2. The Taylor's in Scottsdale at FLW/101 closed quite a while ago. A place called Breakfast Joynt is in that location now. It didn't impress us at all on our visit.