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Sep 12, 2009 03:07 PM

ISO fresh chanterelles

Does anyone have a source for fresh chanterelles, a farmer or forager willing to part with them at a semi-reasonable price? (Not Whole Foods, where they are so overpriced that they sit around until they're slimy.)

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  1. Hmmm....back before Katrina, a nice mushroom vendor frequented my farmer's market. I haven't seen him since '05; IIRC, he was in the far reaches of the Northshore or in very southern MS. He sold chanterelles, morels, shitakes, portabellos, and plain 'ol white mushrooms. You could smell his stand from 25 feet away! Maybe the folks at Market Umbrella could find him for you.....http://www.crescentcityfarmersmarket....

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      Oh I used to by them by the case from those folks. He got sick, and they never returned after Katrina and apparently won't be. In fact, on the Saturday before Katrina, still convinced we wouldn't be leaving, I bought a case and prepared them all day, roasting and freezing them. The last meal I cooked in my pre-K kitchen was angel hair w/chanterelles, and when we left on Sunday, my freezer was rich in frozen chanterelles, and I'm sure you know how this story ended . . .
      But they obviously grow around here so someone must have them.

      1. re: nomadchowwoman

        I found a lonely chanterelle in my shady backyard today(in Old Metairie) a couple of hours after the rain stopped.

          1. re: nomadchowwoman

            Makes me wonder what to do with it---perhaps an egg and mushroom scramble---use one quail egg--ought to be about right.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Unless Noadventure's really lucky and it's one of the big ones. Whatever the case, it must get eaten.

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                On my neighborhood jog(around Old Metairie) I saw about 10 different types of mushrooms around. The only edibles were the chanterelle I found in my backyard, plus two more chanterelles growing out of an old log by Sal's Snoballs. Most of the other ones were regular flat tops or bubbly white ones, but I also found some pretty red-topped boletes with yellow stems that I'm sure were poisonous(they bruised blue instantly). I wish there were more edible wild mushrooms around NOLA!

                1. re: noadventure

                  The only wild mushrooms I'm brave enought to eat are the oyster mushrooms commonly found on willow trees. I'd love to sign up for a mushroom-ID class....

    2. Have you tried the Tuesday market @ Uptown Sq. Maybe in June there was a gal
      there from the Mississippi mushroom co-op selling varieties.

      That being said there are a bunch of MS farmers doing mushrooms. Go to the small farm energy database for MS. List's farmers names & phone numbers. Your next ? is why all the shittake.....well shittake is the only checkoff option for mushrooms. Alot of them are both goat and mushroom farm. This could be well worth a road trip if you need quantity.

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      1. re: savory south

        Thanks. I'll try both uptown mkt. and database. Definitely worth a road trip as I know a few other mushroom lovers who'd welcome a source.