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Sep 12, 2009 02:57 PM

Favorite Gourmet Bacon ??

Since bacon is the rage these days I thought I would get my BF a big slab of thick bacon for a b-day gift. Any favorite brands..(mail order is fine)

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    1. re: guische

      New bacon guy out here in Austin.

      I've been eating it since Spring of this year and each batch has improved.The pound I've got in my fridge right now is dynamite.It's a subtle bacon if there is such a thing.

      If you're into small batch,artisan goods then this is the one.

      If you're going with one of the big boys I'd choose Benton Country Hams Their bacon packs a wallop of smoke and salt that's like a pork mallet upside the head.

      Delicious but not for everyone.

      There's also a bacon of the month club you can subscribe to.

      They'll send you a different providers bacon each month for a year.This would be a good option if you're picturing spending your dotage with this boyfriend as you would then have this porky comfort to reflect back upon in your golden years.

      1. Vande Rose in Farms in Oskaloosa, Iowa makes a bacon from Duroc pork that will dazzle you. On a visit to Napa we hit the farmer's market for tomatoes & lettuce, Bouchon Bakery for bread, and some Vande Rose from the local grocery: the best BLT ever!!!!!!!!

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        1. re: E Chaz

          Between Vande Rose, Niman Ranch, and Nueske's, I prefer Neuske's - meaty slices, very smokey flavor.

        2. Far and away the best I've ever had comes from Masser's Farm Market in Paxinos, PA.

          1. Neuske's bacon is awesome. That's all I buy nowadays, although I'm definitely going to bookmark this and try some of the other suggestions.

            1. Since my spouse gave me the 'Bacon of the Month Club' - - for Christmas for two years, and my daugter gave me 12 lbs. of Neuske's last year, I've tried dozens of different bacons! My favorite right now is from Burger's Smokehouse - - they have an assortment of bacons, but do try their 'sliced jowl' - it is the best!!!

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              1. re: crabwoman

                Burger's Smokehouse jowl - just excellent! I like to get the unsliced pieces so I can slice it up to be cooked as bacon or cut it into chunks or dice to use in cooking. Great flavor at a great price.