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Sep 12, 2009 01:34 PM

Las Vegas Dumplings and Shaved Ice

If you love Chinese dumplings filled with pork or chicken and vegetables, you have to try Champion Gourmet on Spring Mountain at Decatur, 2nd floor of shopping center above SF Supermarket. (5115 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV 89146-8717 (702) 388-1168) If your mom made dumplings, these will rival them. My husband is Taiwanese, and his mom makes incredible homemade dumplings, and even he sometimes slips and says that Champion's are better.... whoops!

They also have the best Taiwanese-style shaved ice desert in town-- a pile of shaved ice topped with delicious things. Of course, my favorite is the red bean, but you should just ask for everything, determine your favorite, and then you can custom order next time.

Lots of people go there to eat shabu shabu, so if that is your thing you can try it too. And, you can buy the best Chinese-style beef jerky by the pound there as well.

The owner is super nice, and all of the staff is helpful if you don't speak Chinese.

It is definitely one of the local places that I don't want to see go away, so eat some dumplings.

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  1. I will be going down the SF Supermarket this week and will definitely stop in this shop for the dumplings. I wonder if that's the same place I always stop in for the noodles...this time I'll make note of the name. Did you notice if they have soup dumplings?

    1. OMG!!! Thanks so much for this news! Do you know their hours? (please please tell me they are open really late night!*prays*) I regularly eat at Shuseki downstairs, and I think I walked by this place after eating one night, scoping out the rest of the mall there.

      A good dumpling makes me want to weep tears of joy. It's a wonderful thing, and i've been craving them badly. I'd go after work tonite, if they are open!

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      1. re: Honeychan

        It is not open late-night, I'm afraid, unlike a few of the other restaurants at 5515. The staff there are sweethearts. I've found the food to be uneven but the dumplings are terrific. Tthanks for the recomendation on the shaved ices, missyang -- I've never tried them.

      2. Unfortunately, they do close around 11pm, so not a late night option. They do not have soup dumplings-- homemade soup dumplings are one of the things that don't seem to exist around Las Vegas. Someone should open up a Din Tai Fung style place here. I think it would be HUGE. China Mama (on Jones) has soup dumplings, but consensus seems to be that they are not homemade.

        As for other things that are consistently good at Champion, the spicy beef noodle soup is yummy, especially in the "colder" winter, and they have good night market style soup (clear broth with fish/meat balls). Oh, and their scallion pancake is good, but not the super thin crispy style, it is "hamburger" style, so it is thick and stuffed with leeks, tofu and glass noodles.

        Dave, definitely try the shaved ice and report back. It is such a great summer treat!

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        1. re: missyang

          I usually have the beef noodle soup when I go there. It's one of my Taiwanese faves that isn't easily obtainable in other Chinese cuisines. Thanks for the recommendations, missyang.