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Sep 12, 2009 01:24 PM

Good eats between Two Harbors and Lutsen [MN]

My wife and are heading up to Silver Bay Area this weekend. We've been up north many times, but this time looking for new ideas. We are only going to be between Two Harbors and Lutsen, not any further north or south than that.

Any suggestions for any meal? We know about the Northern LIght restaurant and the dining room at COve POint Lodge, but not much else. Looking for ideas. I have searched the board but haven't found too much.

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  1. Up dere I'd say the Rustic Inn at Castle Danger. It once was merely a consistent local place with American cooking, turkey dinner on Sunday and all that, but the new generation (the owner's son) is doing a good job in the kitchen. Little touches like the home pickled onions on the salad and the to die for turkey sandwich on cranberry bread make this worth your while to stop. I don't much go for the local favorite, cheese immersed sandwiches, way too much cheese for me but the more "modern"dishes are great - supposed to be a higher end dinner, but we always go for lunch. This place is much better than the more well known Betty's pies and even the pies are better.

    There is also the dining room at Grand Superior Lodge, lots of wild game dishes on the menu. Great deck with a view of the lake and I would expect the service to be pretty good too as it is run by the same group as Ledge Rock (between Two Harbors and Duluth) My brother and his crew spent a week ordering only the black bean burger while they were doing a condo remodel as they liked it that much.

    I wouldn't go to Betty's Pies unless it was for the people watching, lots and lots of Metrolanders go there, maybe your neighbor?

    Forget Kamloops at Superior Shores, not worth your time.

    Not a lot of other places, some small places in Beaver Bay and Silver Bay, but nothing to write home about.

    You could pick up some smoked fish and crackers at Lou's in Two Harbors and do a picnic along the shore too.

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      A little late, but I'd second the Rustic Inn. Granted, I stay less than a mile from the place when I'm up there, but they make really good food, plain and simple. No matter when we go (they aren't open later than late afternoon/early evening), we always get breakfast. The omelets are excellent. Little changes like using Italian sausage instead of regular breakfast sausage...great stuff.

    2. Forgot Bluefin Bay and the Lutsen Resort proper. I used to always get the bluefin sandwich at the bar at bluefin when I had business "up the shore", fried but good. Good with the beere battered onion rings and horseradish dipping sauce. Batter style, not cornmeal covered. My daughter likes the place on the other side of the "harbor" the Coho Cafe, but we've never warmed to it.

      The main dining room at Lutsen is old time Skandahovian lodge, old and really neat to see, with a pebble beach to walk off the food. Food is fine, a little pricey. This is about location and history.

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        Wife and I had a great meal at the main restaurant at Bluefin Grille. Between the decor and the waves crashing in the background, it's a lovely ambiance. The Coho cafe there is a nice lunch spot with outdoor seating if the weather is accommodating.

      2. Just south of Two Harbors on the Scenic 61 is Nokomis and the New Scenic Cafe. Both are very good. New Scenic has a pretty casual atmosphere, Nokomis is a little more formal but still casual, both have great food, if a bit unrefined. Great ideas, but the execution is a little off sometimes.

        1. We had a really good breakfast at Lockport Market in Lutsen last fall. We have driven past the tiny gas station dozens of times never realizing what a little gem it was.

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            Good call on Lockport...I always stop by and get a sticky roll when I go grouse hunting. Amazingly I haven't had their breakfast but I have heard it is the best on the shore hands down.

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              Ledge rock at Larsmont is worth checking out. The walleye was good and the seafood bake was surprisingly good and rich. Stay away from the Calamari stew. The ingredint list made it sound excellent but it was as bland as it gets.