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Sep 12, 2009 01:20 PM

Any hip restaurants in Anaheim?

We don't know Orange County at all and we need to find an interesting place for dinner in Anaheim or close to it.

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  1. Hip and interesting can be two different things. The only place near Disneyland that I would consider even remotely "hip" would be k'ya, which is a small-plates restaurant in the Hotel Menage on the SW corner of Ball and Harbor.

    Another couple of nearby-ish places would be Park Avenue Dining on Katella and Beach in Stanton, which is 50's-themed and has a little Googie bar with some truly awesome cocktails and then a sort of updated-chophouse menu (, or perhaps Gabbi's Mexican Cuisine on S. Glassell in the city of Orange, just south of the Orange Circle at Glassell and Chapman. You could also, if small plates are your thing, go to Lizarran, which is the one US outpost of a fairly well-known Catalonian (i.e., Barcelona) tapas restaurant, on Harbor between Wilshire and Chapman in Fullerton. Not sure that I would call it 'hip', though.

    If you mean "interesting things to eat" now that's quite a horse of a different colour, especially if you like ethnic cuisine, and just say so. :)

    1. Does it have to be Anaheim? I'm drawing a blank for Anaheim but I know a few in nearby Fullerton.

      1. Well, I guess I'm looking for hip or interesting, whether it's ethnic or not.

        I tried Park Avenue recently -- I really liked the mid-century style, but thought the portions were small (I got the salmon) and didn't find the food to be anything really special. I appreciated their garden for a nice stroll which is unusual for a restaurant to have, and that they grow their own organic vegetables.

        If Fullerton is kinda close to Anaheim you can go ahead and recommend some places (if it's around 10-15 minutes away).

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          It's the next city north of Anaheim on Harbor Blvd. I personally think it's kind of a Chow wasteland given its size -- it has so much potential (come on, how many cities can you get off a train in and walk to a cute downtown?) but it's lined with places that are Just OK at best.

          It has places that are hip-looking but the food is completely meh (just about anyplace actually on Harbor between the train tracks and Chapman), and the couple of places where the food is really quite good are most definitely not hip (examples: Rutabegorz, The Olde Ship, Lizarran).

          There isn't much of a 'scene' here. There are some truly excellent restaurants but it is about the food, not the scene, the clientele or the ambiance. If you were looking for excellent food regardless of the scene I'd send you to Mas Islamic Chinese; to Mariscos Puerto Esperanza; to Thai Nakorn; to Shik Do Rak; to Tana Ethiopian; to any number of Vietnamese places.

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            What are the best Vietnamese, hopefully not too divey. You mentioned K'ya -- how are their food?

        2. Pretty much "hip replacement" restaurants... ;-D>

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            That's pretty good, gotta remember that one!

          2. Hey Ubergeek, we tried Lizarran and everything we ordered was great! Portions were generous and service was very good. The only thing we didn't care for was the volume of the live music -- for a place that small, it was so not necessary for them to have microphones! But other than that, we liked the food, so thanks for telling us about it!

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                I'm thinking about going there tomorrow night... hopefully it won't be too loud on a weekday night?

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                  They have live music is twice weekly: Fridays & Saturdays.