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Sep 12, 2009 01:11 PM

What's the difference between far breton and clafoutis?

I often make clafoutis in winter with apples and prunes, which is gorgeous. I've come across several recipes for far breton recently, which strike me as very similar. What is the difference in the dishes? Texture? Flavour? Anything?

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  1. Fars are very similar to flans.

    1. The fars bretons I've had are thicker (1" deep or more) and always flavored with prunes and/or Armagnac (because Brittany is known for dairy products and prunes--very poor agricultural land, not a lot of dirt farming). Brittany and Normandy are also known for apples (and Calvados). The clafoutis I've had are thinner, maybe 1/2" and laced with other kinds of stone fruit (cherries, apricots). Maybe it's a regional thing--when you make it with products local to Brittany, it's far breton, and when you make it with other fruit, it's clafoutis?

      1. Generally, there is no difference but a regional word. It can be argued that a far has generally less fruit and more mix. However, it is always considered that a clafoutis is from Brittany anyway.