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Sep 12, 2009 01:02 PM

Addison, TX with a group - Sambuca's?

Will be in Addison with a group of 8 coworkers in mid-October and we're looking for a dinner recommendation. We will have transportation. I found Sambuca's online & it's gotten a few nods of approval here. Anywhere else near Addison/Dallas where you can get good food and entertainment of some kind? Anything special to the Dallas area that we shouldn't miss? Thanks.

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  1. All the Sambucas have good food, as you cna see from the online menu. Well executed for the price point. There is a band schedule, and they usually get latin music at that location, good stuff. the location on McKinney seems a bit nicer and has music nearly daily with a wide variety of bands.

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    1. Sambuca is reported to be closing it's Addison location and moving to the Shops of Legacy area in Plano (Dallas N. Tollway @ Legacy Blvd). This article says that happened Sept 3rd, but I don't know if it's accurate. Probably should call Sambuca and confirm your dates.

      Other good choices in Addison are Trulucks (steak and seafood), Chamberlains Chop House (steak), Chamberlains Seafood, Uncle Julios (tex mex), Kenny's Wood Fired Grill (eclectic), Andiamo's (italian), Ferrari's (italian).

      Complete list here:

      Good luck and enjoy your stay.

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        Localhero, I will check on that location closing, thanks for the heads-up, the recommendations and the link. All are very much appreciated.

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          I also think Soho in Addison does a pretty decent job. Sweet little place.