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Sep 12, 2009 01:01 PM

Lunch near Daley Center?

I no longer know Chicago -- particularly down in the loop. Still, I gotta take a couple of people to lunch after a visit to the courthouse in Daley Center, or Daley Plaza. Whatever. Anyway, any suggestions within a couple of blocks, for a lunch -- not pizza, however; anything else is probably fine A sit down, tablecloth restaurant., with maybe a glass of wine to ease a little angst? Thanks

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  1. Atwood Cafe is a few steps away and a good choice:

      1. re: jfranci3

        Hanna's Bretzel is great, but it's a sandwich place: no tablecloths, no wine.

        1. re: rubinow

          Atwood is excellent. Another close one is Petterino's.

      2. Altho I've only been there for dinner Lockwood in the Palmer House probably serves a very good high-end lunch:

        1. This restaurant is the place of refuge for many people in the history of Chicago. A nice traditional German meal with some German wine, or maybe a nice dark beer. Treat yourself to Oktoberfest.

          Berghoff Cafe
          17 West Adams, Chicago, IL 60603