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Sep 12, 2009 12:46 PM

San Gennaro...don't knock it.

My suggestion:
Go to Johnny Fasullo's Sausage and Braciole stand on the south-west corner of Mulberry and Grand. When it's not too busy, they keep a tray of long green and yellow roasted peppers out so you can help yourself to putting them on your sandwich.

My wife and I always make a b-line for that stand.

I know, I know: "it ain't what it used to be" "I wouldn't be caught dead at San Gennaro" "It sucks" ...whatever.

Get over it. It's a New York institution. It's fun. You might as well check it out. Again.

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  1. My favorite San Gennaro moment about 20 years ago.....a vendor was hawking and trying to push supposed Absolut Jello shots in plastic Solo Cups. His spiel was two whole ounces of Absolut Vodka in every shot for $4.......My response to him was that would be very difficult, considering they were only one ounce souffle cups he was using.....

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    1. re: fourunder

      If San Gennaro can fit 8 gazillion people into a space that should hold 2 gazillion, at most, then I have no doubt someone has figured out how to get two ounces of vodka into a one ounce container. What's mysterious is why anyone would consider $4 shots a bargain, even if they are largish.

      1. re: small h

        What would you consider a bargain for a largish shot?

        1. re: Wilfrid

          I was wondering that myself. If $4 isn't a good answer, I'm out of ideas.

          1. re: il Trifulau

            Read my response again.....this was 20 years ago, not yesterday....and it was a jello shot in a one ounce souffle much vodka do you really think was in the concoction...let alone really being made with Absolut Vodka.

          2. re: Wilfrid

            It's not terribly difficult to find shots for $3, $2, or even $1. So that. And free, I think free is also a bargain.


            1. re: small h

              Ok. I concede that "to find shots for $3, $2, or even $1", or free, is a better deal than shots at $4.

      2. The San Gennaro festival would be good if the Chinese started opening stands the same way they took over Little Italy.. It would certainly be as authentically Italian. Sausage and peppers? What makes this festival better than any other street fair that has 30 sausage and pepper guys..

        On any other week out of this year, go to Dipalos, buy some bread ay Parisi, and have your own San Gennaro festival with out all the cheeseballs from Jersey stealing my parking.

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        1. re: Daniel76

          Don't be surprised when Chinatown Manhattan shrinks to the size of Little Italy in a decade or so... Asian landlords are steadily renting to gweilos now.