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Sep 12, 2009 12:35 PM

Chinese and Japanese in/around Davis Square

Just relocated from Brookline to Davis Square area. Looking for the best (upscale and cheap) Chinese and Japanese food around this part of Somerville/Medford. Thanks!

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  1. Bluefin in Porter Exchange for reasonably priced sushi and Japanese dishes. Chili Garden in Medford Square for Szechuan food.

    1. Two excellent Northern Chinese restaurants near Davis Square: Qingdao Garden on Mass Ave, and Wang's on Broadway. I usually have Wang's deliver since I find their dining area to be a tad dull. Both make terrific dumplings. I am partial to the pork with leeks and the vegetarian spinach versions.

      At Qingdao try their lamb with cumin, fish in fiery sauce, any of the soups on the Chinese menu page and their special vegetable plates.

      Others often post that they like Zoe's on Beacon Street in Somerville, just outside of Porter Square.

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        Seconding Zoe's, especially the dry diced chicken with chili peppers. Last night had the sliced potato with chili peppers as well, which was unusual and excellent.

      2. searches on this topic will yield a consensus to back up the first three posters: quindao, wang's, zoe's, bluefin.

        You might also hear East Asia for healthier options or Hana on Mass Ave for sushi for second-tier options mentioned often.

        1. qingdao garden, wang's fast food, and chili garden for chinese and cafe mami, tampopo, ittyo, and the japonaise bakery in the porter exchange building for japanese

          1. For sushi: I am a bit fan of Hana Sushi, definitely my go-to place near Davis Square. I'd probably avoid the places in Davis Square (although I haven't tried Yoshi's yet). In Porter Square, I'd avoid Kaya. As others have mentioned, Bluefin usually gets pretty good recommendations, although I haven't been yet.

            For non-sushi Japanese: Cafe Mami, definitely. Love that place.

            For Chinese: I'll also second Zoe's and Qingdao Garden (I love the fish in fiery sauce at Qingdao). East Asia is also very good, although perhaps a bit more "Americanized".