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Sep 12, 2009 12:11 PM

Newport R.I. restaurants

Will be there next week to visit my son and daughter in law and to attend the Boat Show. Would like a recommendation for a nice dinner. My online research has given me two spots: The White Horse Inn and Restaurant Bouchard. Which would you choose and what other recommendations do you have? Thanks.

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  1. Hi,
    Both are very good. Also the Inn at Castle Hill not only beautiful but the food is excellent. In Newport parking is difficult but these have free parking for guests.Yesterdays is very good. Fluke, very good kind of hip type place, Clarke Cooke House very good. Actually Newport has hands down in my opinion the best of restaurants in R.I based on a ciity. The great part is you can walk around after at night and visit the local shope.

    1. Mama Louisa's in Newport. Excellent food great service.

      1. I would suggest The Mooring. I liked their menu and we wanted to eat there but weren't able to get reservations at the last minute.

        1. I was in Newport last week for the Irish daughter works in Newport, and she recommended Lucia's...we had a wonderful meal!

          1. I used to love it, but I've been told that Bouchard has gone SERIOUSLY downhill. That's just heresy, I haven't been.

            Check out The Castle Hill Inn. You won't find a prettier setting.