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Sura Korean BBQ - Johnston, RI REVIEW

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At the rec. of another chowhound, my fiancee and I tried this restaurant this past week.

The only other Korean BBQ we had ever visited was in the Seattle, WA area, so by no means are we experts in this type of cuisine, but we were overall impressed.

We started out with a dumpling appetizer, they were pan fried which was nice but the filling was bland and lacked texture. The dipping sauce had way too many sesame seeds for our taste as well.

The main course, we had marinated beef short ribs and bulgoki (sp?) which were both delicious. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of restaurant, the table have a grill in the middle and they bring out the meats and veggies raw and you/they cook it right at the table. The staff was very attentive and did more of the cooking then we were accustomed to, but it may have been because they thought we didnt know what we were doing (language barrier). The sides with the dish were very good. My fiancee loved the pickled cucumbers, green beans, bean sprouts, bean paste, and fresh lettuce to wrap.

I had some of the best teriyaki sauce I have ever had on the side for dipping. Dinner also came with the choice of white or brown rice.

We passeed on dessert, nothing authentic or appealing....

Overall the interior and ambiance was ordinary not extravigant. My fiancee and I were the only white Americans in the entire restaurant (although it was slow on a Wed. night).....guess this speaks to the authenticity of the food.

2 sodas, 1 appetizer, 2 main courses (both beef) with tax and generous tip came to about $60.

Will return ASAP!!

300 George Waterman Rd.
Johnston, RI 02919

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow - that seems very expensive for what you had.
      2 sodas - $5?
      1 app - $6?
      2 mains - $12-14? each = $28?

      Rough estimate about $40. How much were the dishes?

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      1. re: Rhody Dave

        sodas were $2ish
        app was $4 or $5
        mains were $15 and $20 (including all the sides)
        It was about $48 with tax, I left $60 because the staff was very friendly and helpful

        I think the price was right on to be perfectly honest.