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Sep 12, 2009 11:26 AM

Brownie question...

Can I make "brownie bites" in a mini-muffin pan using a regular brownie recipe? Aside from adjusting down the cooking time, is there anything else I'd need to change? Also, paper liners or just non-stick spray?

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  1. absolutely! no need to make any other adjustments besides shortening the baking time. brownies baked in mini muffin cups usually don't take longer than 12-15 minutes (but it also depends on how "done" you like your brownies). check them at around 11 minutes to see how they're doing.

    as for preparing the pan, you can use either spray or liners, whichever you prefer. there's no real need to waste the liners unless you're transporting them somewhere or want them for presentation purposes.

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    1. Great idea, i am stealing it. How full would you fill the cups, 1/2 ?

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        it really depends on how big you want to make them - since brownies don't rise the way muffins do, you can fill the cups two-thirds of the way (or more) without worrying about over-spill when they bake. i usually do about 3/4, which makes a nice two-bite size. but if you want to be consistent, put about a tablespoon of batter in each cup.

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          Thank you GHG, I am going to give this a try.

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            Reading this prompted me to make a tweaked half-batch of Congo Bars riffing on the CI recipe. FINALLY, I got the result I've been looking for, comparable to a recipe I lost many years ago. I like the crusty sides of brownies and related bar cookies, but that expensive maze-shaped brownie pan is not worth the investment. The mini-muffin tin makes for plenty of edges, and good portion control to boot. Thanks for the inspiration!

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            "Great idea, i am stealing it."


            I'm stealing your idea to steal it :D