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Sep 12, 2009 10:56 AM

Chocolate milk in Philly?

I recently stumbled upon some articles saying that drinking chocolate milk is a good post-exercise recovery drink and I wanted to try it out (research I don't mind doing :P).

But that got me curious though, are there any recs for chocolate milk in Center City beyond just the standard Nesquik/Hershey's stuff? Maybe at RTM? or even DiBruno's or Trader Joes?

I've seen recs for Cocio chocolate milk ( elsewhere, but looking on their website, it doesn't seem like any stores in Philly sell the stuff. Thanks!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that the Fair Food Project at the Reading Terminal sometimes carries local (whole) chocolate milk. You might also find it at Whole Foods.

    (I have read the same articles. It appealed to me, too, almost as much as the recommendation of 1/2 ounce dark chocolate daily to lower blood pressure.)

    1. Try the Oh So Good eatery at 18th & Market. I think have choc milk there, as well as choc soy milk.

      1. I think actually think the "generic" chocolate milk such as packaged by Lehigh Valley is just fine. My kids actually preferred the Hershey's brand to the Nestle brand. The one that I really recall being a standout was the chocolate milk from the Rosenberger's dairy, if you can find it. I think they may carry it at Rite Aid stores.

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          I agree, the Rosenberg's chocolate milk is delicious. They distribute to a lot of places in the area. I believe CVS has it also, as well as a number of grocery stores.

        2. Fiar food farm in the RTM carries it (along with some amazing chocolate pudding - that's just solid chocolate milk, right?) as does the PA Dutch juice stand I believe. Also might check Jonathan's best in the RTM.

          1. Thanks for all the replies. All of the recs are actually pretty convenient, so I may end up trying out a whole bunch of these... ahem in the name of research.