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Sep 12, 2009 10:16 AM

1 Night + 1 Day in Bangkok

Hello -

I have a brief layover in Bangkok and would love to eat the perfect food!

For night I would like to go to a restaurant that serves thai food and has great ambience. Possibly riverside?

Are either of these good?

Chote Chitr
Khinlom Chomsaphan

For daytime, I would like to eat the best possible vegetarian street food! Where should I go!?


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  1. Chote Chitr has fantastic food but it is very bare bones--not fancy at all. It is a small place, located on a narrow lane and is open to the street. Not riverfront.

    1. Many favorite vegetarian food is from a stall in United Center Silom's 3rd floor food court. The food court is open for weekday lunch.

      The English lettering was removed last visit, but it's not hard to identify.

      For a really nice, but rather expensive riverside treat, you might make dinner reservations at Supatra River House. There are also some nice dinner cruises, such as Loy Nava and Manohra, both of which offer hotel pick up.

      1. if you only have one night, for good thai food with great ambiance i'd vote for The Deck at Arun Residence ( because of the beautiful view of Wat Arun at night. mixed thai/western menu. food is solid but not as fantastic or interesting as chot chitr, but you'll still enjoy it a lot.

        i love khin lom chom saphan but it's a lot more casual so won't feel special

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          I am going to jump in here! am also staying one night one day and am looking for a great spot for a group of 15 (age 21-30) to eat great thai food. It's a welcome dinner sort of thing and since its their only night in bangkok i would love a place that is great food, fun atmosphere (not stuffy) and reasonably priced. any advice?

          1. re: illya

            Tawandang German Brewery, although possibly not the greatest Thai food, is a great place for a large party to kick back. They offer Thai/German cuisine, and an eclectic mix of entertainment. Its shortcoming would be that it would require the services of 3~4 taxis to get everyone there.

            Another good dinner place might be Lek Seafood, easily accessed from the Chong Nonsi BTS stop. The restaurant is located directly beneath the skytrain platform.

            1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

              Great - thanks so much! Have you had any luck with Thiptara or the Deck by the river at the arun residence?

              1. re: illya

                illya, where are you staying? if you are only in bangkok for 1 night with a big group, logistics will probably matter!

                the deck is great but a little small for 15 people (i think the outside dining area only seats 20).

                thiptara is lovely and i have been there for group events, they do a nice job but i think you have to cross the river (not sure tho). and, it's high end hotel food so it's yummy but always seems a little sterile/homogeneous to me. the view and service are excellent but it might be too high end for your (relatively) young group to feel relaxed in.

                1. re: justintime

                  We are staying at the narai hotel, silom road. We are definitely not looking for stuffy/high end but need a place that they can feel is authentic, yet "safe" as this is a younger, not well-traveled group. Also one that takes reservations - but I definitely want them to be relaxed, have fun, be able to be loud, etc. I really appreciate your help on this!
                  Not sure if you know phuket as well but we are staying at the baan krating (20 minute car ride from phuket town). any restaurants here? have you been to watermark? too stuffy? joe's downstairs?
                  thanks soooo much!

                  1. re: illya

                    " ...but I definitely want them to be relaxed, have fun, be able to be loud, etc."

                    Thailand is not a place where "loud" foreigners do well. That said, a place like Tawandang is a bit more of a party atmosphere than most "dinner" venues.

                    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

                      "Thailand is not a place where "loud" foreigners do well. That said, a place like Tawandang is a bit more of a party atmosphere than most "dinner" venues."

                      that doesn't mean you can't have fun in thailand! laughing and joking are welcome at most restaurants. :-) being loud and aggressive is not but it doesn't sound like that's your group.

                      given what you said about your plans, was just thinking that maybe Somboon might be a good option to consider. that's a famous seafood restaurant right off Silom. i happen to really like the food, tho some people don't consider it that special. it's hugely popular with local groups and japanese tourists (former PM visited once and i guess that's all it takes) and is *plenty* loud so no one will feel uncomfortable. it does feel a little like a multi-floor cafeteria unless you get one of the few rooms in the old building, but they are really hard to reserve.

                      another option in the area is Taling Pling, which is also off Silom road. i think the food is pretty good but not stellar, but it is very popular among local professionals. it's comfortable and easy, nice but not too fancy.

                      or, other options are Secret Garden on Sathorn, Pandanus off Sathorn, or old trusty standby Anna's on Saladeang. i have not been there in a long time but it continues to be popular and is a good place for groups.

                      all are close to where you're staying, take reservations, have pretty good food and offer an easy environment for newcomers to Thailand. they're also not hotel restaurants so will feel a little more interesting and will get you out into the city a bit.

                      1. re: justintime

                        Somboon has my favorite curried crab. Other than that, I'm with the "nothing special" crowd. Add to that their pricing, and we just pop in for the crab.

                        The Anna's chain is now history. They've all been closed for a few years. What was the Saladaeng branch is now an MK Gold.

                        "Anna and Charlie's" is now opened at the corner of Narithiwat and Ratchadapisek, near Central Rama III, in Yannawa. It is the same owners, menu and, pretty much, same atmosphere. The logistics of getting here would be the same as Tawangdang.

                2. re: illya

                  If Thiptara is the Thai restaurant at the Peninsula, I had dinner there last year and was VERY disapppointed. The setting is lovely but the food was truly mediocre and very pricey for Bangkok. There is nothing stuffy about the setting, or the restaurant itself. If you do decide to go there, I would book ahead as they are often full in season.

            2. re: justintime

              I think we are going to try the Arun for dinner. It looks beautiful there. Do you know if we need to make a reservation beforehand?

              1. re: elenana

                definitely make a reservation and ask for a table as close to the river as possible!

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Khinlom Chomsaphan is ok but service can be hit or miss. The view is nice. for weekends reservation is required.

                here is a review of Suppatra river House

                Hotels are pretty nice Oriental, Peninsula, Shangrila

                For parties chaopraya river cruises is really good