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Sep 12, 2009 08:48 AM


My 2 sisters and I are planning a 7 night (I know - too short) trip to Italy in April 2010- Florence and Rome - we'd love to add a coastal town but that's probably too ambitious?)... we are excited about art & architecture, museums, shopping and the FOOD! Any restaurant recommendations/travel tips would be really appreciated..thanks!

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  1. General tip: I found that finding good meals spontaneously in Rome quite difficult EXCEPT for in the Trastevere district. At night there's a great mix of young locals and tourists there and solid meals are easy to find as are fun bars. When we go again the wife and I plan to stay in Trastevere.


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      1. There have been literally hundreds of posts here about eating in those two cities..I suggest you do a search and then come back with more specific questions. Give an idea of your budget, too.

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