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Sep 12, 2009 08:02 AM

NE Philly:Anything new/anything good?

WE've been in Center City for the past 7 years, after 35 years in NE PHilly. Because our daughter and grandkids just moved to NE PHilly, we'd be interesting in good chow experience back in our old haunts.

Anything new and good? Or, failing that, just plain good? We're eclectic when it comes to food, but I have a hunch our babysitting forays will find us hungry in NE PHilly about once a week.

Thanks for all help.

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  1. Try A Taste of Portugal and Uzbekistan.!

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    1. re: DaisyM

      I second Taste of Portugal. Also near there is Pho 75. You can get great beer and pub grub at the Grey Lodge (try the mussels, some of the best in the city). Lastly, Picanha Grill. None of it is new, but all of it is good.

      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        Woo hoo: you're mentioning our old faves: Taste of Portugal and Pho 75! Tell me more about Uzbekistan and Grey Lodge. How about seafood? Anything comparable to the place that closed on Rising Sun, near Cottman, can't think of its name?

        Or, how about just p[lain great hamburger in the Northeast, same side of the Boulevard as Taste of Portugal? Any really good Chinese food? OUr old fave on the corner of Veree and Red Lion seems to have declined.

        1. re: Bashful3

          We just loved Uzbekistan. Everyone is speaking Russian and they have shot glasses on the table for the vodka that you have to bring. They bring out a warm round of amazing bread and the hearty dishes are so huge and delicious. It just seemed like everyone was happy just to be there. It is the real deal. Great place to go with a group of people. Loved the dumplings...and everything else.

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            Seafood place has not been replaced with anything nearby. My mother complained about it's until the day she passed away, she lived at 800 Cottman, thus very close. Place was called Ruhling's

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              Grey Lodge is on Frankford, near Harbison. It is a bar, with a definite bar atmosphere, though the upstairs is a little nicer. The food is much better than average for bar food, though. The burgers are delicious, as are the fries. The rib-eye cheese steak and fish and chips are also very good. There are always a few specials as well.

              There's a pretty decent sushi place--Makiman Sushi--on Oxford near Rising Sun. The sushi is always fresh and well prepared, and they have a number of creative rolls. It isn't among the top in the city, but it is certainly fine if you are in the area and wanting sushi.

            2. re: Hungryin theBurbs

              Picanha Grill is my fave spot. I'd go there for Rodizio over Fogo or Chima any time. Taste of Portugal is great, too. Ooh, and Uzbekistan has some of the best dumplings, pierogies, whatever you want to call them. Mouthwatering is what I call them. I hear the lamb is out of this world. I hear the burgers at Miller's Ale House on teh blvd & grant are good. I've only been there once and had a fish dish.

          2. First of all, congratulations on having your daughter and grandkids move nearby. That's wonderful!

            Would Moonstruck (Oxford Ave. just below Rhawn) be within a sensible driving distance? We love that place; we go every couple of months from center city. The food is delicious, there is parking available, and every day except Saturday there is an excellent prix-fixe three-course dinner menu. The ambience is lovely and it is quiet enough to talk. If it were downtown, the prices would be double. Great menu choices, too.

            The last time we were at Gallo's, on Roosevelt Blvd., it was quite good - much better than it used to be. I'll be having lunch there this week, so I'll report back if I no longer would recommend it.

            Unfortunately, I no longer would recommend Country Club, which we frequented for years. However, you can still get a decent sandwich or Sunday brunch at Jack's, on Bustleton Avenue. A good family place to take the kids for breakfast or lunch.

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            1. re: sylviag

              WE always liked Moonstruck, Sylvia, but haven't been there in ages. Jack's is an old haunt of ours: we went there for decades, every time we came back from a vacation. Do report back about Gallos. That's a place we never tried.

              1. re: Bashful3

                I heard Macaronis on Old Bustleton Avenue is great- a little pricey but worth it....

                1. re: layla529

                  Cool. Not far from where we will be. Never tried it before. Will check it out.

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    I went there for the first time recently with my Mom who lives nearby, I really enjoyed it and the service was lovely! (disclaimer: we tried to go somewhere else, but it was closed, so we were starving! lol)

            2. If you like Mediterranean style food, I would suggest 'Fish and Grill' at 9825 Bustleton Ave. It's in a little strip mall right by Borbeck, and the police and fire stations. I've eaten there a couple times and it's been really good-- fresh fish, properly cooked, really tasty, as are the other dishes I've tried. Check out here-- Unless they were at another location, though, I don't know why their site says they were established 1991. They've only been at the Bustleton Ave. location for about 2-3 years. I think they took the spot where a bakery had burned down.

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              1. re: janmcbaker

                Such a great response to my question! We love Mediterranean style food, and are we ever familiar with Bauer's Bakery: our favorite, for almost anything sinful. Their Honeybee cake was to die for!! We will surely try this out after one of our grandkid-sitting forays. We still miss that bakery...

                1. re: LindaKid

                  Linda, is that Chinese, Korean, or other? Al;so, where on Cottman AVe please? And, what are your favorite dishes there? We are adventurous! Thanks.

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    Kao Tip is located on Cottman, right below Frankford ave. They serve Thai food. It is a BYOB. I usually create my own entree. I like the Basil Chicken. The cabbage salad with lime dressing is very good too. My husband orders the Pad Thai and the lemongrass chicken soup. He has gotten a few other entrees also. Everything we have tried we have liked

                2. We had dinner at macaronis on sat night 9/26....overall it was very good....we had calamari...arugula/fig salad...pumpkin ravioli[a special]...rigatoni with sausage...chicken sicialian and a fish with risotto...also a cannoli for dessert. Service is good however the noise level can be high. They don't take reservations. Prices seem high but are well worth it