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Sep 12, 2009 07:49 AM

Shelf-Stable Half-and-Half Individual Serving Containers -- NOVA -- Help Me Find Them!

Where can I buy the shelf-stable full cream or half-and-half plastic single serving-size containers in Northern Virginia?

These are for household use, so I don't want to buy a huge lot of them.

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  1. I vaguely remember seeing something like this in the Safeway in Old Town (South Royal Street) in the coffee section. Since my memory is vague, may best to call them if you are not in the neighborhood.

    1. Since I am not from your area, I cannot help you with any place specifically to purchase the creamers, but I may be able to help you and point you in a direction on where to find them with a little research. This item is most commonly sold to and used by customers of coffee service companies that typically serve offices, car dealerships and private/medical.professional practices where refrigeration or spoilage is a problem. There are different brands available depending on region, but most are packed in boxes of 360 count and wholesale at around $10.00 per box....usually, the extension to customers can be anywhere from $18-25 per box, depending on the OCS and the amount of usage/purchase.

      The direction you should be looking at is small foodservice cash and carry outlets that supply coffee to commercial food establishment, e.g., restaurants and delis. Many times, tobacco and candy companies offer coffee service supplies as well. You can call on an Office Coffee Service specific company, but most likely they will charge you around $20 per box for pick-up cash and carry.

      Although the product you are seeking is shelf stable, you must be made aware there is also an expiration date on each production, which is no more 45-60 days.

      Around my area of New Jersey, almost all convenience stores such as 7-11 Stores who do a brisk coffee business use a similar product made by Coffee-Mate. You may consider asking such similar convenience stores in your area who use the product to order some for you, again as a courtesy. There's never any harm in asking.

      One possible way for you to obtain the product is to piggy-back a purchase from someone who you know uses the product. They may let you order some through their account as a courtesy.

      1. There is a brand called Mini-Moos (from Land O Lakes) that my sister always gets. I think she just picks them up from Giant or Safeway. One caution, don't keep them too long because they do get funky.

        1. Costco stocks minimoos, probably in a size that you will manage to exhaust before they get funky--because they do go chunky after a few months.