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Picasso reopening

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Has anyone heard or know about Picasso reopening?

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  1. The building's owner Peter Sergakis is planning to re-open Picasso's(he also had a previous stint owning Picasso's restaurant). Hopes to re-open by end of October. Same focus on breakfasts, but adding more delicatessen dishes. Probably won't go back to opening all day, except on weekends.

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    1. Passed by Picasso today and a big sign said Rénovations majeures (major renovations) / ouverture bientôt (opening soon) - so looks like there's hope!

      Picasso Serre
      6810 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC H4B1V8, CA

      1. They've been advertising for staff in the past week.

        1. Hello - can someone confirm that they are up and running again? I would like to have breakfast there but before I make the trek from the north shore, I want to make sure. Also, can anyone tell me if they still serve a great breakfast?
          Thank you!

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            Pulled into the SuperC/Amazone/Picasso parking lot 4 days ago and they did not look open.

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              They do not look anywhere close to reopening, looks completely dead. Have seen no activity there since they closed, apart from the "opening soon" sign.

            2. It would appear the plan to reopen Picasso's has been shelved indefinitely, if not canceled.

              We're approaching two years since the renovation sign went up, but nothing has happened. All the plants inside are dead, the chairs and tables are stacked in piles, and anything of value removed (the cash register, computers, etc). Everything inside is covered in thick dust I might add.

              On the outside there is graffiti sprayed on the windows and the big yellow banner announcing the renovation is ripped, with an entire corner missing. The "Serre Picasso Restaurant" sign in front of the building has long since disappeared. Looks more like an abandoned building than a restaurant under going renovation.

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              1. re: Apple IIGS

                Minor update, a little over a half-year later...

                No good news to speak of. The "Opening soon" renovation sign is now gone, several of the glass panels are smashed (one bordered up) and the exterior of the building is quickly deteriorating, with pieces falling off or laying on the ground. Graffiti, dirt and garbage everywhere. In a nutshell, it's in an abandoned state. If not for the strip club still operating on the side, it's likely it would have been bordered up months ago....

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                  Please enlighten me, but why is this reopening so important? I went once years ago, and fortunately someone else paid, but the sole visit was more than enough. Picasso was DOA the minute they announced "renovation".

                  1. re: wattacetti

                    I share your feelings. Ate at Picasso's one time with a friend (about 3 years back), thought the food was terrible and overpriced, and never went back.

                    More a neighborhood landmark than a worthwhile restaurant, I just thought I'd share what I think is the final nail in the coffin for it.

                    1. re: Apple IIGS

                      I think nostalgia plays a big part as many would make this a last stop before heading home at 3, 4, 5 or 6am...associating it with "the good ole days" .

                    2. re: wattacetti

                      I used to go there for breakfast Saturdays and or Sundays. I believe that was their forte. Great breakfasts but not cheap. I used to order from there as well. Good but you are right ,not great. Smoked meat sandwichs, hamburgers acceptable (I thought). Maybe my standards are lower than most people. I did try their pizza once and it was awful. If it did open again I would probably order from them and go for breakfasts occasionally. And it was a landmark in the area.

                  1. re: yeggy

                    i miss it. i've never enjoyed going out for breakfast but Picasso's was an exception.

                    1. re: catroast

                      I was on St. Jacques yesterday stopping in Loblaws, SAQ, Rosebowl.
                      The old Picasso building is getting ratty...