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Sep 12, 2009 06:39 AM

Just moved to Camberwell [SE5], looking for recs [London]

Hi All,

I'm a recently relocated Brooklynite to Camberwell for school, and I would love to know what's in the area. Of course being a student (and an international one), I'm on a budget. I'm sure there are some great ethnic options, but I'd like to know what's worth trying, and what to avoid. Any suggestions for lunch, take-away or good pubs with food is appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. Search "silk road" on this board - could be just what you're looking for.

    1. Camberwell is just down the road from me i (I'm in Herne Hill/Brixton).

      Definitely seek out Silk road - fantastic Xinjiang food and good value. Jay Rayner from the Observer reviewed it recently so it may be busy!

      I also like Caravaggio, which is a very old-school Italian place practically next door to Silk Road. Not too expensive.

      The Indian place Safa is OK.

      For a cheap night out, try Jazz Live at the Crypt - they do food but I've never tried it. It looks cheap but tasty.

      Also try the Vietnamese sandwiches (bahn mi) at Cafe Bay near King's College Hospital (Denmark Hill).

      And you should definitely get the bus to Brixton and try Franco Manca for great pizza. Asmara on Coldharbour Lane (Brixton end) is an Ethiopian restaurant of some repute (never been, which is very remiss of me) and I also like St Francis on Atlantic Road for well-cooked Italian. Brixton market is also great for shopping.

      Happy eating, and don't forget to share your experiences.

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      1. re: greedygirl

        Nice and Spice - Jamaican - Cold Harbour Lane
        Patty Island - Caribbean - Denmark Hill
        4T4 - Cheap, authentic Nigerian (There's a Vietamese place next door) - Denmark Hill
        Sun and Doves - A pub that does good food - there's a Brazillian supermarket/deli nearby (I can't remember the name!)

        Brixton will offer loads more - here's my recs, some as above -
        As mentioned above you've got Asmara, Franco Manca. You've also got Iciban Sushi (Japanese) and Fuyiyama (Chinese) on Atlantic road.
        On Cold harbourLane ( Brixton end) you got Gyoza (Chinese), Honest Foods (local, European) and a few other Caribbean places - Phoenix Place does nice, big sandwiches. There's the Satay Bar for really tasty, cheap Pan Asian/Indonesian stuff - they do good luch deals. The Dogstar pub on the corrner of CHL and Atlantic road does good pizza. In market market which I would heavily suggest you try for all your fruit/veg/meat/fish - and for the sheer experience! Within the market, I like D's Roti Hut (Trinidadian), Comme y punto (Columban), theres a load of other Latin/African/Caribbean places, some of which I've tried but I can't remember the names!

        On Brixton Hill (top end) I like -
        Negril (modern Caribbean)
        The Gallery - Portuguese takeaway - (the peri peri lamp chops and chicken is great!)
        Paulo'z Way - Portuguese bakery - also does hot food and other Portuguese dishes.

        I'll add some more, when I can think of them

      2. amazingly good.

        FM Mangal - opposite Silk Road, this is a Turkish restaurant/kebab house. The food isn't blow you away amazing but it's solid enough. What makes it is the hospitality - every meal comes as much free (really delicious) bread as you can handle, melon afterwards and often a round of digestifs. My sister lives round the corner and often picks up a salad from them. Whenever she pops in she gets loaded up with free bread and little tasters.

        The Castle – nice pub. It's under new management so can't tell you whether the food is any good but it's nice spot for a drink. Better than the Funky Munky, which I think is horrible.

        The Hermit's Cave - this is a classic boozer that the local art students drink in. Consequently, it's unbelievably expensive for a pub. They used to do bland Sunday roasts - you can have all your prejudices about British food confirmed here.

        The Sun and Doves - nice pub, pretty good food, they do free film screenings on Tuesday nights.

        The Cambria - gay-friendly gastro pub tucked on Kemmerton Road off Coldharbour Lane, a bit further down than the Sun and Doves. Gastro menu means it's a bit more expensive (£8-12) for mains. They do it quite well and on Mondays it's £10 for dinner, drink and jazz band.

        The Phoenix pub on Windsor Walk near Denmark Hill railways station. Another gastro pub. Cheaper than the Cambria. My sister goes here for Sunday Roasts, which she adores (I suspect it may be the fact that you get 1/2 chicken and all the trimmings for £9. You need a lie down afterwards).

        The Bear on Camberwell New Road. This came runner-up in the Observer Best Sunday Lunch awards recently. I find it a bit annoying, I don't know why. They do a pie and a pint of ale for £10 on Wednesday, including things like Steak and Kidney and Shepherd's Pies, so a good way to cheaply try those British classics, and their Tuesday night quiz is good.

        Hope you enjoy living in Camberwell.

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        1. re: ginandcrumpets

          The Phoenix has a large selection of alcoholic ciders to try. They often do Cider Festivals too. The last time I was in there they let me taste quite a few before ultimately deciding. Draft and bottled available. I have only ever had hamburgers in there and was pleased with my choice. The staff were friendly and helpful. I third the recommendation for Ganapati. They also do cheap set lunches in the week. There is a Greek bakery on Church Street which does tasty bread with sesame seeds. They have other general baked goods plus some greek savoury pastries with spinach and cheese. In East Dulwich there is an Italian pizzeria called Il Mirto in Melbourne Grove, around the corner from ED station. It has been compared very favourably to Franco Manco. Open all day and at night.

          1. re: cathodetube

            I went to Il Mirto when it opened last summer. It is nice, and a cut above most pizza joints, but I don't think it is earth shattering (not in the same league as Franco Manca). It is good value though. I think the guys from Il Mirto are behind the Italian restuarant that recently opened on Nunhead Lane, on the site of the former pub, Page 2. My friends have gone and said it is good too.

        2. The 'amazingly good' refers to Silk Road. Managed to edit out the name!

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! Sounds like there's a lot in Brixton when I want to venture outside the neighbourhood but I have enough to choose from when I don't feel like remembering how to get home...

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            1. re: emily_r

              Welcome to Sarf' Lundun. Recently moved to SE5 from California. Great to see some suggestions on here I haven't tried yet. My two pence:

              Ganapati (38 Holly Grove): South Indian (Keralan) restaurant. Amazing! One of my favorite places to eat in London so far. Menu changes, but I love the crab thoran, fish thali, and homemade ice cream.

              Tadim (41 Camberwell Church Street): Surprisingly good Turkish food. Cheap and great for take away. Grab a mezze plate and go to the Hermit's Cave for a pint.

              Bar Story (213 Blenheim Grove): Yummy Sunday roasts (veg and meat), fun pub, often with djs. free wi-fi

              Le Petit Parisien (16 Grove Lane): Had a great breakfast and coffee there on a Sunday (felt camaraderie with the hungover waiter, although my dining guests were a bit miffed). Have heard positive things about their dinners, but yet to try...

              Sun and Doves: Decent pub food/snacks. Beer is a bit pricey, but Tuesday movies, Wednesday pub quiz, and a nice backyard. free wi-fi.

              Planning to try Honest Foods on Coldharbour Lane for breakfast soon. The Palmerston (gastropub) and Sea Cow (fancy fish and chips) are good on Lordship Lane if you can navigate the prams. Happy eating!

              1. re: tataki

                I second Ganapati, especially the crab thoran! Lovely parathas too.

                1. re: tataki

                  Oval resident here. Completely agree about Le Petit Parisien. Best coffee in Camberwell.