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Sep 12, 2009 05:40 AM

Sacramento - best ethnic restaurants on Broadway between Stockton and the River?

There are a number of southeast asian restaurants on Broadway west of Stockton. Has anybody tried enough of them to know which are the best? And if anybody can recommend the best ethnic restaurants south of Broadway on Franklin or Freeport - thai, vietnamese, mexican, soulfood, anything - we'd appreciate that as well.

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  1. It tough to say which is "best". Each has its own strength (and weakness). For example, New Canton is best for dim sum, there isn't much competition. But we also like Fortune for noodle dishes. Kathmandu really has no competition either.

    On Freeport we like New Hong Kong Wok and Macau Cafe for Chinese.

    1. On Broadway:
      New Canton - outstanding dim sum.
      Los Jarritos - okay tacqueria.
      Pho Bac Hoa Viet - in contention for best Vietnamese in town. Try the duck soup.
      New Station Seafood - reasonably good Cantonese.
      Queen Sheba - solid Ethiopian. The vegetarian lunch buffet is a bargain.
      Fortune house - good Cantonese, nicely appointed space.
      Hong Kong Cafe - old-school Americanized Chinese dive.

      On Freeport:
      Oto's Marketplace - very good pre-made sushi at lunchtime.
      Jade Fountain - good Cantonese.
      New Hong Kong Wok - very good Cantonese. Try the won ton soup.
      Jumbo Seafood - good Cantonese.
      New Lai Wah - good to very good Cantonese.

      On Franklin:
      Mariscos Mazatlan - excellent ceviche and coctels de mariscos.
      La Favorita - very good taqueria.
      The same shopping center has a panederia that serves good posole.
      Caballo Blanco - old school California Mexican.

      I'm sure there are some I'm missing or unaware of, but that should keep you busy for a few days.

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        Akebono II on Freeport for Japanese and fantabulous sushi!

        1. re: melly

          Thanks for the recommendation. It's one of those places I've driven by a million times and have never stopped in.

        2. re: alanbarnes

          I like Fortune House on Broadway. Kings Palace (on Stockton though) has fantastic dim sum...we hit it on Sundays as often as we can.

          1. re: alanbarnes

            Queen Sheba's food is excellent. The service, however, was extremely slow. This is a place to linger, not to eat & run.

            1. re: lilyalli

              Definitely agreed if you're ordering off the menu. But with the lunch buffet it's possible to be in and out in no time. But only if you can resist the urge to go back for just one more taste...

          2. The local public radio station is running a series you might find interesting:

            1. This is an old post..but want to now add, 2013, that Akebono Japanese (in a strip mall on Freeport near Oto's Japanese Market) is a FABULOUS sushi and ramen spot. NO kidding.

              Queen Sheba is outstanding...still, on Broadway.,