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Sep 12, 2009 04:23 AM

Tschudin Chocolates (Middletown, CT)

Downtown Middletown's got a new chocolate shop! It replaces Sweet Smelling Savour Chocolates and, while not inexpensive, offers some tasty and innovative treats. Some of my favorites include chocolate-covered marzipan, amaretti truffles and a walnut bonbon (?) filled with almond paste and ground nuts. The proprietor makes his own tootsie rolls (they're somewhat fudge-like), marshmallows (we sampled an anise-flavored one) and has plenty of "experimental" flavors--one I tried was "Porky Porcini." I already let him know if he's gonna call it Porky, it really should include bacon. ;) I couldn't taste the truffle oil in the chocolate, but it's an interesting concept. I haven't tried many of his more creative combos as I really love the almond variations, but you'll find chocolates with all sorts of unusual spices if that's of interest!

The chocolate shop is right next to Amici's on the corner of Main and Court Streets if you're looking for a sweet treat after your meal downtown.

Tschudin Chocolates

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  1. Kattyeyes treated us to chocolate after dinner at Brasserie Pip. I don't think you could wipe off the big smile off owner RobTschudin Lucheme if you tried. When there read the newspaper article about him. He is truly a remarkable man of many hats.
    He has been on TV, he's a lawyer and has been an educator. What a generous, warm and personable man. He's a good but softspoken salesman of chocolates, too. He makes friends.

    We bought quite a few chocolates. As an artist, one I found remarkable was his white chocolate butterflies that he had airbrushed with three colors. The chocolates are very good and some have Moroccan and Eastern spices mixed in. I did not get Bob in the pictures. Shown is an assistant chef. You gotta go here if you are near Middletown.

    1. Loved the truffles from the old place....Haven't tried the new owner's version yet. How DO you say the name?!!

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        Choo-din. The T and the S are silent. :) So, think Choo-din Chocolates. :) Ciao!

        I think you will be pleasantly surprised, BiscuitBoy. I consider the new shop a huge upgrade!