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Sep 11, 2009 09:52 PM

Savannah with a baby

Hi all,

I am spending 5 days in Savannah in a few weeks with my husband and 11 month old baby. My husband will be working during the day, so I am looking for some lunch places for myself and baby, and then places for dinner for all of us that are also child-friendly. I really like the sound of Mrs Wilkes for lunch but not sure how it would work with the communal tables and the baby! Any thoughts?

We are staying at the Inn at Ellis Square, won't have a car, so only places that are walking distance or easy to access on transit will work. We eat anything, so all suggestions welcome!


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  1. Savannah is very walkable (if you have a stroller for the baby) and your hotel is in an easy to access area.Even though I have always drove to Savannah once I get there I never move my car.I think there is a Bakery right next door that does cafe type is the name i think.City Market is right there too...maybe Pizza at Vinnie Van go-gos...river street is just like 4 blocks.
    Most places are very baby frienly...the South is like that.

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    1. I used to live in Savannah and enjoyed The Lady & Sons restaurant. Simple, fresh and good home made food. They have moved to a bigger location since I have lived there, but it is still downtown Savannah. This restaurant is owned by Paula Dean.

      Hope you try it,