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Sep 11, 2009 07:26 PM

Amaya's Taco Village First Time

I finally got to Amaya's today for the first time for lunch.

I had the Two Taco Plate, one beef and one chicken with rice and beans. I had no idea the fried corn tortillas that held the meat would still be semi soft, non greasy and SO TASTY! I see why so many on the board love this place. I have a hard time deciding if I liked the beef or the chicken better. Both were well seasoned with not to much lettuce and a good amount of cheese. Seems like so many skimp on the cheese. The refried beans had good flavor and just a hint of the lard taste that I like in a good batch. The rice was a little dry, but I got there at the end of lunch rush so it may have been the last of the batch made for lunch, but still good. I'll be back often!

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  1. some of the best machacado in town. gotta get there before 11:30 during the week to get breakfast though.

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      Thanks, I Eat!

      I'll have to try and get up there early since I live south.

    2. I really, really like the rib meat tacos...other than the $15 or whatever they're charging nowadays.