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Sep 11, 2009 07:17 PM

Corti Bros or TJ's for Parmesan-Reggiano (Sacramento)?

Making pesto this weekend. Is Cortis' parmesan-reggiano superior to TJ's are they similar? Thanks

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  1. I love the Corti's experience (the only supermarket-sized Italian market I've been to in CA), and imagine that they cut their own wheels of cheese in-store, something that TJ's certainly does not do. This exposes the pieces to less air, and thus, have a fresher taste. I really miss Corti Bros. Nothing like here in San Diego.

    1. I'm in Oakland, but would shop at Corti Bros. when visiting family/friends in Sac. I'm accustomed to being able to taste a cheese before purchasing, and Corti Bros. has always accommodated my requests to sample before purchasing.

      1. Thanks, I went to Cortis. I love that store, I shop there about twice a year. I am about leave for a big vacation so the cheese was the only thing I bought. I don't think I have ever bought just one item there before!

        1. I love TJ's but there isn't even a comparison. TJ's are simply not even close to the level of Corti.