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Sep 11, 2009 06:48 PM

7 days in Manhattan

Coming into NYC in a couple of weeks for 7 days. We're staying on W 47th and 7th Avenue Wanted to get some feedback on our dining choices:

Day One Get in late evening

Day Two Lunch@ Eleven Madison Park Dinner@either Sugiyama or Blue Fin We have 39 steps tix@ 8 pm.

Day Three Lunch@Aureole Dinner@friend's apartment

Day Four Lunch@Jean Georges Dinner@Babbo

Day Five Lunch TBD Dinner@Blue Smoke BBQ

Day Six Lunch TBD Dinner@Keen's Steakhouse God of Carnage tix@8 pm

Day Seven Lunch@Aquavit Cafe leaving back to CA late afternoon

I'm assuming EMP/Aureole/JG/Aquavit Cafe are still running their prix fix lunch specials in late September?

WIll try to win the internet lottery and book a dinner@Momofuku Ko Worth it? If we can't get in, we'll probably try the noodle bar instead.

How formal is the dress code at EMP/Aureole/JG? I think I read JG requires jackets and EMP might 'suggest' jackets. Really would like NOT to have to schlep a jacket around town while I'm on vacation.

You've probably noticed that with the exception of Babbo, the rest of the places are all within 20 blocks of where we're staying. I wanted placeholder reservations but am willing to change them and hop subway or cab to Soho/Tribeca/Chelsea/Village areas

Anyplace we're obviously missing or reservations made I should cancel?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hmmm. Is money no object? I would probably give up few dinners and do Masa or Perse if you haven't been.

    Where do you come from?

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    1. re: jk1002

      We're from the San Francisco Bay Area. I wish $ was no object! The lunch reservations I've made so far presume they're running a $30 and under 2 course prix fixed menu.

      Thomas Keller's French Laundry is in our backyard and I doubt I'll ever be willing to pay the tariff to eat there. We did eat at his more casual restaurant Ad Hoc which was great.

    2. I'm pretty sure that Aquavit Cafe always has that menu. I think there were posts elsewhere here that JG does not require jackets at lunch.

      1. if you must have BBQ in NYC nothing beats Dinosaur uptown

        1. The lunch prix fixes at EMP and J.G. are served year round. J.G. does not require a jacket at lunch. EMP does not require a jacket at either lunch or dinner, nor is it "suggested."

          I wouldn't go to Blue Smoke for dinner. Imo, there is better bbq to be had elsewhere. They do serve an excellent burger, though, and the deviled eggs are great. If those interest you, pencil it in for lunch on Day 5 and go elsewhere for dinner. My recommendation would be Aldea. The Portuguese-inspired cuisine is seriously delicious. No jacket required.

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          1. re: RGR

            Thanks for the recommendation on Aldea, I'll investigate. Blue Smoke I'm more than willing to lose, especially since we're having steaks the next day at Keen's. Day 5 I'm going to try to get a dinner reservation at Momofuku Ko via their quirky 7 day advance internet reservation system. If I fail, I'll probably have lunch at either noodlebar or ssam Day 4 or 5.

          2. Lose Blue Smoke. NYC is not a BBQ town.