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Sep 11, 2009 06:22 PM

Bank Restaurant and Charlie's? (msp)

Visiting my grandfather in South Carolina this past weekend, I came to know that he was proud I'd moved to Minneapolis--mostly because, he said, he always had good food here. I don't doubt it, but one of the restaurants he dearly loved--Charlie's--has morphed, it seemed after a quick Google search, into Ike's. This seems a decent place from the reviews---though any personal experiences would be welcome, if shared.
The other is what he said was a restaurant in the Federal Bank Reserve building.
I found "The Bank," though I cannot find anything regarding its history.
Anyone know anything about these two restaurants?

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  1. Sorry, I can't help with Charlie's.

    The restaurant in the Federal Bank Reserve Building is probably not "B*A*N*K" because that restaurant is part of the Westin Hotel in what was formerly the Farmers and Mechanics Bank. My understanding is that the Federal Reserve Bank building used to be behind the F&M Bank on the corner of 5th Street and Marquette. But the bank moved two blocks toward the river in the 70s and then again onto the river (at Hennepin) in the late 90s.

    B*A*N*K is fine, but not worth a separate trip IMHO.


    1. perhaps the restaurant your grandfather is thinking about is the old schiek's (sp?) which was in the former federal reserve bank building. i think it turned into a "gentlemen's club" much later on.

      i too miss charlie's - long gone. charlie's was a really beloved restaurant and i have what is believed to be the charlie's potato salad recipe. for it's time, it was swanky, elegant and always it felt like a special occasion just to walk in the door.

      1. The Monte Carlo in downtown Minneapolis is one of the oldest restaurants in town. They serve Charlie's Kitchen Sandwich, which supposedly is an exact replica of the one served at the original Charlies. It's basically a sliced prime rib sandwich and a very tasty one at that. They have a beautiful bar and the outdoor seating is very enjoyable. Someone there should know the full story behind Charlie's, I would think.