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Sep 11, 2009 06:21 PM

Where to get great hummus

who's got the best hummus and where can I get it???

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    1. I looooove the hummus at 7West (Charles, west of Yonge). I haven't tried hummus from a lot of other places, but that's sort of because the 7West hummus is fantastic. I don't know what it is that makes it so good either, that's the frustrating part. It' comes as a platter (with delicious, warm pita, and some veg).

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      1. re: perogy

        so there's no way to just get a tub/container of it?

        1. re: excel

          I've never even asked! The people there are quite nice, so I do wonder if they'd do it that way. I'll have to find out next time I am there.

          1. re: perogy

            Perogy you took the words right out of my mouth! 7 West's hummus is amazing! Not quite sure what they put in there to make it so addictive, but whatever it is it's delicious. I can't get enough of this stuff!

            1. re: ilivevicariouslythroughnigella

              I'm the same. Their hummus is amazing. I haven't ever asked, but I bet it's something really bad for you (extra oil or some such thing...) b/c that always seems to be the case when something's extra delish.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. My favourite hummus that is not home made is Sunflower Kitchen classic hummus. I've bought it at Fresh & Wild, Whole Foods, the Big Carrot and other health food or organic stores.

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          1. re: sman

            Sunflower Kitchen is the one I buy too. It's the best prepared hummus I've found. I get mine a Fiesta Farms.

            1. re: acd123

              What is the ingredient list? I'm always looking for variants for my home-made stuff. I've added hot-sauce, tamarind, dried coconut, mustard, cream, peanut butter etc. Chick peas don't have that much flavour but they are a good vehicle for others. And you can make $15 of hummus for $2 in about 10 minutes. IMO it needs 24 hours for the flavours to meld.

              1. re: Paulustrious

                Another vote here for Sunflower Kitchen. According to the label on the Roasted Garlic and Onion one, the ingredients are: chick peas, tahini, filtered water, sunflower oil, garlic, onions, citric acid and sea salt.

                I get it at the IGA in the Beach which is pretty small so it should be readily available across the city.

                1. re: ms. clicquot

                  Thanks for the info Ms Cliquot.

                  It's mainly standard hummus stuff. For me it's missing lemon flavour. Citric acid doesn't cut it for me. I also prefer peanut or olive oil in place of sunflower. I tried making some two weeks ago replacing the salt with anchovies. Strangely enough it worked quite well. You can also add parmesan. Makes it a bit more expensive that way.

                  As a way of comparison costs:

                  2 large tins of chickpeas $2
                  1 cup+ of tahini $1.50 (Nasr - Tahini $4-99 for 32 oz)
                  Other stuff: 50c

                  Lets say $4 makes 3lb of hummus. You need a reasonable food processor because it has to go for 10 minutes and it's hard work for the machine.

                  If you use dried chickpeas you can take another dollar off the cost.

                  1. re: Paulustrious

                    after spending 11 days in Israel, i decided to make my own hummus. there is no way to compare store-bought hummus to what you get when you make it fresh at home. its also incredibly easy to make. the only planning i need involves getting the chickpeas in the slow cooker for 6 hours.

                    but obviously not everyone wants to make their own hummus. so my suggestion would be that, if buying store-bought hummus, find something that's as true to a recipe as possible.

                    the ingredients should be incredibly simple.
                    lemon juice
                    oil (olive preferably, since it has a better taste)
                    lemon zest or zatyr

                    other than some paprika, there really isn't anything else that should go in there.

                    1. re: atomeyes

                      throw in some roasted red pepper....yum!